If you’ve been watching The Daily Show lately (or if you’re unfortunate enough to keep up with Fox by tuning in), you may be aware of Fox News’ tendency to exploit photos of scantily clad women in the name of ratings. Case in point: Bill O’Reilly’s recent scathing report on how destructively sexual Beyonce’s music videos are — complete with clip after clip of gratuitous footage of the singer gyrating lustfully.

Finally, one of their own has called Fox News out for perpetuating unrealistic ideals for women, causing females to hate their bodies. Here’s the article (and video at the bottom), courtesy of The Raw Story:

Fox News host calls out her own network’s skin fetish for making women hate their bodies (via Raw Story )

Fox News host Sandra Smith on Monday pointed to images shown own her network as one of the reasons women have unrealistic expectations about their bodies. During Monday’s episode of Out Numbered — where four female hosts are joined by one male guest…