I just love stories like this.

When Natalia Gaintseva’s husband decided to gift her with a new coat and let her pick out her own fur, she went along with idea. So the Russian couple headed to a fox farm to choose the very skin that would soon, they thought, hang from her shoulders. But Natalia had no idea what she was in for.

At the farm, she got to see the animals up close, and realized she could never be responsible for the killing of one of these gorgeous creatures. One fox, in particular, stole her attention.

“When I saw her cowering at the back of the cage, I felt really sorry for her and couldn’t possibly imagine wearing her,” Gaintseva said. “She really was a beautiful little fox looking up at me with her gorgeous big eyes.”

She took the fox with the intention of letting her go free: “I’d much rather buy her and release her than have her killed and wear her,” she said.

But Natalia learned that because this baby fox was stolen from her mother at a very young age, she would probably die in the wild. So Natalia got a new pet. Now fully grown, the fox is doing just fine.

Some photos:

Foxy Lady: Woman Has Pet Black Fox For 7 years


Foxy Lady: Woman Has Pet Black Fox For 7 years


Foxy Lady: Woman Has Pet Black Fox For 7 years


To learn the truth about fur farms  – it’s horrifying – and see how you can help stop the industry, visit EndFashionCruelty.org. There’s a petition (that I wrote myself) you can sign that urges designers to stop making clothing with fur.