Florida medical marijuana may soon be a realityThe people of Florida have spoken, and they want medical marijuana. At least, they want a legal-weed initiative to make it to the ballot for voting. And with 20 states plus Washington DC already offering medical cannabis (and Coloradans able to get their green with no medical need whatsoever), it seems like only a matter of time before the rest of the country catches on.

But state politicians are fighting back, so we’ll see if Florida medical marijuana becomes a reality in the near future. Apparently, the Florida Supreme Court is set to rule on whether a medical marijuana proposition will ever see the light of day — so voters may not even have a chance to decide. More details are in this post from AFP:

Florida clears key hurdle to ‘medical marijuana’ (via AFP)

Organizers in Florida have collected enough signatures to put a measure on legalizing medical marijuana to a vote, activists announced on Monday. Advocates seeking to legalize pot for medicinal purposes in Florida said they exceeded the 683,149 signatures…