If creating filthy, cramped conditions and pumping animals full of hormones and antibiotics weren’t enough to make you swear off factory farms, here’s a whiff of what these concentration camps for livestock do to the humans who live nearby. It turns out that pig factory farm waste can cause high blood pressure among bi-pedal neighbors — and there’s a strong link between high blood pressure and heart disease, the number-one killer of both men and women in the United States.

Now it’s no secret that scarfing down bacon can lead to cardiovascular distress, but now we know that simply being in the vicinity of a pig farm is also bad news for your health. In a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, researchers asked 101 volunteers who live near industrial swine operations to sit outside two times per day for 10 minutes per session. After their outdoor time, participants were asked to rate the level of pig-farm odor in the air using a 9-point scale. Researchers found that the stronger the odor, the higher volunteers’ blood pressure rose.

The conclusion? Strong, foul odors like those coming from concentrated swine waste cause stress in humans, effectively contributing to high blood pressure. For people who live in factory-farm communities — and have little escape from the toxic stench — this could create chronic hypertension.

It seems that dwellers of factory-farm communities have long complained that the horrid smell prevents them from participating in activities that most people enjoy without restriction. Picnics, barbecues and softball games just aren’t as much fun with foul particles filling the air.

So if you needed one more reason to avoid eating products from factory farms, here it is. Not only do these atrocities hurt the living creatures they raise for profit, but they damage the lives of anyone in smelling range.

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