When an image of a tiny puppy who had been heartlessly stuffed into a plastic bag and thrown into a ravine hit Facebook, compassionate people whipped into action and the dog‘s life was saved.

Marcia Lutz, who belongs to a Facebook group dedicated to rescuing companion animals in Rondon, Brazil, first spotted the puppy, but could not reach the animal to save him. She acted quickly, snapping some photos of the dog and the perilous location, and posted her images to the Facebook group’s page along with a heartfelt plea for help.

“He was thrown in a ravine inside a plastic bag,” she wrote in her post. “It’s a place that’s difficult to access. I can’t save his life. Can anyone help me …”

The post caught the attention of Cláucia Jackline de Oliveira, a nurse who was at work in a medical office nearby. She recruited a fellow nurse to join her in climbing down the deep ravine and carrying the stranded puppy back up to safety.

Upon inspection of waste matter in the bag, it seemed the dog had been in the ravine overnight. Because the bag was tied so tightly, he could not escape.

The rescue unfolded within half an hour of Lutz posting her urgent message. And thankfully, just an hour later someone stepped up to adopt the puppy into a loving forever home.

As horrifying as the story is, it also demonstrates a special kind of compassion, and shows how something as simple as a Facebook post can make all the difference in an animal’s life.

As one member of the Facebook group wrote, “I still see hope for a better world.”