Emmy-award winning actress Edie Falco has long stood against the cruel horse-drawn carriage industry in New York City, and she now stars in a public service announcement from Last Chance for Animals (LCA) urging a ban on the archaic carriages.

As the PSA shows, horses aren’t meant for city life. They pound the hard pavement for long hours in all weather conditions – and aren’t even required to get a day off. As prey animals in the wild, the horses are easily spooked – so the sound of an ambulance speeding by, sirens full blast, could be pretty terrifying. Accidents with motor vehicles are all too common, injuring people, destroying vehicles and even killing horses.

New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio called for an end to horse-drawn carriages during his 2013 campaign, and even had bill Intro 573 – a ban on horse-drawn carriages – proposed by New York City Council. But with plenty of noise from the opposition, council support has waned and the mayor seems to have given up on trying to pass the bill.

The new PSA has been broken up into two 30-second versions to air on New York cable networks like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and NY12. With any luck, the PSAs will bring fresh energy to the issue and prompt New Yorkers to keep up the fight.

You can help by following Edie’s advice. If you live in New York, call or write your council member (it only helps if you live in their district). No matter where you live, you can contact Mayor de Blasio asking him to please continue fighting for the welfare of the horses of New York.