Can a vacuum solve water pollution?I don’t know if this idea is so crazy it just might work, or if it’s just plain crazy. Whatever the case, James Dyson wants to suck the pollution out of rivers with a giant vacuum — and he’s already named it M.V. Recyclone. Yes, Dyson vacuums are pretty sweet (maybe someday I’ll actually be able to afford one). But can we really just suck trash out of polluted rivers with a giant machine?

The proposed vacuum would need to only suck up garbage, and not fish, turtles, rocks and whatever else is in the water. So Dyson has his work cut out for him — so far, we can’t even make fishing nets that only catch what they’re supposed to.

Here’s the article from Time:


James Dyson dreams of a giant vacuum boat to clean our rivers of pollution, and he calls it the M.V. Recyclone. It’s a clever name for a clever idea, and with just 3% of the Earth’s water being drinkable freshwater, it’s more important than ever…