If you’ve had the (dis)pleasure of ordering from Domino’s lately, you may have noticed the retro-designed box expressing some awfully sweet sentiments about the cows that supply the chain’s assortment of cheeses.  In case you haven’t, I took a picture during my last ordering experience (I know, I know — but they’re open late and unfortunately better than the other pizza places near me!).  Here it is:


Makes you feel as warm and gooey as the melted cheese inside. But undercover investigators from Mercy for Animals went undercover to keep tabs on good old Stella, Edna and the gang, and what they found is, frankly, horrifying. Punching, kicking, electrocution and worse on the farms that supply Domino’s mozzarella (as well as Pizza Hut’s and Papa John’s). Apparently, if the mega-pizzeria wants to show us how its cows really live, the images on their box should look something like this:









For the record, I snapped my pizza-box pic before the investigation results were revealed — because even then I suspected Domino’s of misrepresenting factory farming in a disturbingly callous way. Now there’s hard evidence. I honestly don’t have a problem with dairy from cows treated humanely — but each time I learn more about the industry, I grow one step closer to jumping on the vegan train.