Word Origin
noun, plural effigies.
1. a representation or image, especially sculptured, as on a monument.
2. a crude representation of someone disliked, used for purposes of ridicule.|
3. in effigy, in public view in the form of an effigy: a leader hanged in effigy by the mob.
From dictionary.com.

Angry political protesters have burned, hung, ripped to shreds, or destroyed in some way effigies of despised public figures throughout history. There’s the famous American Revolutionary story of the 1765 hanging in effigy of Andrew Oliver, the official chosen by King George to impose the Stamp Act upon the American colonies, from the Liberty Tree in Boston, an act of defiance that predated the Boston Tea Party by some eight years.

Dog chewing Trump

Via shannonfgupta/Instagram

Britain has its annual Bonfire, or Guy Fawkes, night on November 5 where Fawkes, thanks to his failed attempt to blow up parliament 1605 (maybe it’s my Scottish heritage speaking, but was that really such a bad idea?), is burned in effigy. Other popular yearly effigy burnings include that of Judas by Orthodox and Catholic Christians during the Easter season; the “man” at Burning Man; New Mexico’s Zozobra; and Lewes, England’s unique Guy Fawkes celebration that includes not just Fawkes, but “boogiemen politicians and figures of the year”. Lewes’s effigies have included Vladimir Putin, Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond, David Cameron, and Osama Bin Laden.

Recently, the Republican Debates have certainly gotten my dander up. I’ve had fantasies of burning Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in effigy, but just haven’t wanted to risk the criminal nuisance charges or accidentally setting my clothes on fire. Have you felt that way, too? Well, we’re in luck.

Dog with Trump chew toy

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Now you and your dog can bond in acts of effigy destruction. With a small purchase from your local pet store you can help purge your, and perhaps your dog’s, socio-political discontent. Thanks to some very creative little opportunists out there with their forefingers on the pulse of the public zeitgeist, the upcoming 2016 Presidential primaries and elections have inspired the following:

Dognald Trump

Back in September, around the time of the first Republican debates, BarkBox, a New York pet supply company, made about 1,500 of these small Donald Trump effigies for your dog to chew on. They sold-out very quickly. I wonder who bought them…?

Dognald Trump, BarkBox

Dognald Trump, BarkBox


Though these dog biscuit effigies are still in the Kickstarter phase, I personally love the idea. Not only do you get Donald Trump shaped biscuits, but Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and even Democrat Hillary Clinton. Imagine how much fun your dog will have gnawing on one of these.


Sure, having your dog rip open a Dognald Trump doll or chew on a Bonehead is a lot easier and cleaner than burning an effigy on a public street, and it’s nice to let your opinion be known with your dollars and the dog toys that you keep, but a certain vote in November 2016 is the only one that truly counts.

Until then, keep watching this.