For two long, lonely weeks, a German shepherd in Houston, Texas waited loyally by the front door for his human companion to return. But the dog’s owner would never come home — Hatem Abuharbid, 54, had been murdered during a robbery of the convenience store where he worked.

“You could just tell that he was a lost dog,” neighbor Cassandra Eubanks told ABC 7. “He would follow the cars and when he would realize that it was not his owner’s car, he would just stand there and look helpless.”

Eubanks says she saw the dog waiting day after day, searching around the gates of the apartment complex and hoping his owner would drive up. Other witnesses reported seeing the dog sitting at the front door of an apartment — but they didn’t know why until they learned of the murder.

Neighbors left food and water out for the dog, but the animal was too traumatized to go near them when they called. Concerned witnesses posted on social media, trying to find help  — and eventually a woman named Maranda Perez responded, accompanied by her own companion animal.

The German Shepherd fled as Perez approached, darting up three flights of stairs. But persistence paid off, and after almost an hour she was able to approach the dog and place a leash on him.

“He was still very shaken-up whenever I touched him,” said Perez.

She managed to get him into her vehicle, and will provide his foster home for the next week. After that, the victim’s brother will take the dog in.

As sad as the story is, at least it will not end in even greater tragedy. Thankfully this German Shepherd will have a home, and will not end up in a rescue shelter facing euthanization. May he recover soon from grief and experience love and happiness in a new family.