When Amtrak officers arrived at the scene January 20 after a fast-moving train hit a dog in Baltimore, Maryland, they expected to be recovering a dead body. What they found instead was a mangled animal barely clinging to life.

Amtrak acted quickly, halting train traffic on the tracks and rescuing the dog from inside the train tunnel. They waited with her until animal control arrived, when the dog was rushed to Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS), who transported her to an emergency vet for medical treatment.

MIracle Molly the dog was hit by an Amtrak train

The dog, now named Miracle Molly, lost half of her blood and suffered an exposed artery and a severed hind leg. Her entire body was covered in deep lacerations.

“It’s heart-wrenching to think about what Molly must be thinking,” wrote BARCS in a Facebook post. “The confusion of what happened, the excruciating pain and the trust she had to put in complete strangers. She’s made it this far, and we are committed to saving her.”

BARCS also thanked Amtrak staff for their part in the rescue.

After surgery — paid for by BARC’s Franky Fund for Medical Care — Molly made a miraculous recovery, and is healing from her injuries nicely.

Miracle Molly recovering after being hit by an Amtrak train

While it’s unclear whether Molly had an owner or was homeless at the time of the accident, she will likely be put up for adoption once she’s ready. Hundreds of people have already volunteered to give Molly a forever home, including Amtrak Police Officer Kevin McMullen, who was the first to find her in the train tunnel.

Those interested in donating to the Franky Fund for Medical Care to support veterinary treatment for animals can do so by clicking here.