Attention pet owners: please keep your dogs, cats and other companion animals indoors when the weather turns cold.

The tragic photo above depicts a dog left outside in freezing temperatures in Seaville, New Jersey. The dog froze to death before being discovered by police and reported to Shore Animal Control, who posted the image on their Facebook page along with an urgent message telling human caretakers to keep their animals inside and warm in cold weather.

In their Facebook message:

We are posting this sad photo so that people will SPEAK UP when they see dogs outside in this weather and CALL so this doesn’t happen again. This dog was found on the street by police frozen. No ID, no tag and no one in the neighborhood would speak.

Because the person(s) responsible for this needless tragedy were never found, Shore Animal Control could only speculate as to what happened. They believe the dog may have been chained up in a yard and broke free in an attempt to find shelter from the frigid conditions. Weak from hunger and unable to find warmth, they believe the dog finally succumbed, alone and miserable.

It was 17 degrees outside when this image was shared, and the animal control center was still receiving calls about animals left outside.

If you see an animal left outside in cold weather, please report it at once. A simple phone call to the police or other authorities could save an animal from suffering the same cruel fate as this poor pup.