It happens all the time — rescued animals bond at the shelter, becoming best friends fast. But usually those animals are of the same species, and not a duck and a dog as happened at Garland Animal Shelter in Texas. As shelter workers report, Sirence the dog and Thing Two the duck hit it off as soon as they met.

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The two animals arrived at the shelter at the same time, and staff and volunteers were hoping they wouldn’t need to split the pair up after seeing how close they became.

“We like it when we see any animal get adopted out, but when you have a case like this, they’re bonded, we’ll call ’em brothers you know, they’re going home together so that’s our ultimate goal and I think they’ll be happy as well,” a worker told Fox 5.

Volunteers expressed sadness at seeing the animals go, but were grateful they they were adopted together. The unlikely best friends are scheduled to arrive at their forever home on Thursday.