Need further proof that the “restore America” crowd has their heads in an alternate universe? When zealots talk about returning to our Christian values, they often know not of what they speak.

Cases in point –



None of these presidents were in power – nor even alive anymore – when the word “god” was in the pledge. That’s because it wasn’t added until 1954. (The Pledge itself wasn’t even written until 1892.)

And you know what else? “God” wasn’t added out of piety or Christian values. It was added as a blow against communism; an extension of the McCarthy witch hunts.

This may surprise some of the more religious “patriots” – although it really shouldn’t, because anyone who believes in the “under god” thing so vehemently should at least have the wherewithal to look it up on Wikipedia.

Our Founding Fathers also did not mention god in the Constitution, nor the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment does, however, say “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….” And Thomas Jefferson most certainly believed in separation of church and state.

Oh yeah, one more thing: The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist.

So, my non-believing friends, next time someone tells you that “under god” is a sacred part of our Pledge, kindly inform them that we survived 178 years without it just fine.