In other news, people are strapping on dildos for a cause.

Starting in August of 2016, Texans will legally be allowed to carry concealed guns into public universities. And not everyone is happy about it.

24-year-old alumna Jessica Jin wants to keep guns off campus, and is using dildos to state her case. Whether it works or not, it’s bringing a lot of attention to the cause.

Jessica  started the #cocksnotglocks protest rally and launched the Facebook event Campus (DILDO) Carry, where protesters plan to strap on dildos instead of guns on the first day of the 2016 fall semester.

Jin told the Houston Chronicle, “I need this proliferation of dildos to offer people a visual representation of what it would be like if we all carried guns. It should look ridiculous to you. That is the point. This is America. If guns and bloodshed don’t wake people up, a public celebration of sexuality may just do the trick.”

Despite the unique protest, it didn’t take long for gun lovers to share their thoughts on the Facebook Campus (Dildo) Carry page. And it got pretty ugly.

“I’ve seen most of you trolls tromping around campus. If you took as much time taking care of yourselves as you do trying to make meaningless political statements, you may not need the dildos and could actually have a real, living penis waiting for you at home!” advised user “Willie Nelson.”

“This kinda shit is exactly why my daughter wont attend one of these slut colleges,” raved “Becca Lynch

“Maybe if Jessica Jin’s countrymen had guns there wouldn’t be millions of them rotting in unmarked graves?” queried “Romney Wordsworth”

Jin told the Houston Chronicle, “people want me dead for a dildo – this began as a satirical knee-jerk reaction to current events, but the popularity of these sentiments, and the strength of the reactions it has provoked, has said volumes about what a crisis our country has reached over gun control.”

Claudia Garate, graduate student at UT Austin experienced first hand just what it’s like to have a school shooting take place on campus. She told The Daily Beast she remembers when her campus was locked down in 2010 after a 19-year-old math major fired shots from an AK-47 before killing himself. Garate does not think more guns on campus are the answer to stop thew violence.

“The arguments that are pro-gun carrying… so many are centered around hate, misogyny, and racism,” she said. “It’s a lot of hate from these people trying to defend this law, and that’s the scariest part. Because on one hand, they say they want to defend people and are obsessed with this idea of being a vigilante,” she added. “[On the other], the young woman who organized this is receiving death threats. How can you be outraged about the idea of people carrying dildos, but not by all the people getting gunned down and the violence we see day in and day out? I thought [the protest] was a pretty brilliant move.”

It’s not just students and alumni who are outraged by the new gun law. UT professor Daniel Hamermesh resigned because of it. In a letter to UT’s president, Daniel Hamermesh wrote, “The risk that a disgruntled student might bring a gun into the classroom and start shooting at me has been substantially enhanced by the concealed carry law.”

One thing is certain – the first day of classes next fall should be quite entertaining for Texas students, thanks to the mass amount of strap ons.

The question is, will people be strapping on more dildos or guns?