The death penalty is barbaric and expensive.

photo credit: danielito311 via photopin cc

Think you know which country executes more people through the death penalty than any other combined? This infographic from Amnesty International has the answer, and it’s pretty disturbing — we’re talking thousands of deaths. And no, it’s not the United States, although we do rank in the top five.

The numbers in the infographic are from 2013, and unfortunately there were a lot more executions from the death penalty that year than in 2012.

But there’s also some good news here. Half of the countries in the world have abolished the death penalty, including every country in Europe but one.

Really, the death penalty has no place in an enlightened society. Not only does it probably not deter crime, but it’s used disproportionately against poor people and minorities. Sometimes, innocent people are killed. And by the time they’re cleared of the crime, they’re already dead. It’s also far more expensive to execute someone than sentence them to life in prison, because of all the trials, investigations and appeals involved. Bad policy all around.

Anyway, here are the facts:

Death Penalty in 2013

by AmnestyUK.
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