Cutest Animal Videos of 2013

I admit it — I’m a sucker for cute animals, and have wasted far too many hours ooh-ing and ahh-ing on Youtube. (Thanks to the editor of this video for doing the searching for me this time!) This compilation of the cutest animal videos of 2013 comes from Distractify, and I love it. The sleepy duckling at 1:07 is especially adorable, as is the grape-eating raccoon at 2:30. Try not to OD on cute:


My own kitty has done a few tricks of her own that are certainly worthy of videos like this. Maybe I should leave the camera out…


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    • Nina

      Thanks Richie, good stuff! I felt bad for the hawk’s victim, but you know…nature.

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      • Ritchie

        Two out of three Red-tailed Hawks are dead in their first year… nature. Its a two-way street, a double-edged sword, what goes around comes around, and other appropriate simple truths about the natural world.

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