Crisis pregnancy centers lie.Crisis pregnancy centers pose as women’s health clinics, but offer right-wing propaganda instead of real medical help. Staff at these dubious offices tell women that premarital sex is wrong, condoms are “naturally porous” and the morning-after pill is just like an abortion (it’s not).

In the video below, you’ll hear a speech from a workshop at Heartbeat International’s 2012 conference, where CPC staff are taught how to lure women in before they turn to Planned Parenthood or other legitimate clinics. “The best client you can have is one that thinks they’re walking into an abortion clinic,” says speaker and anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson. As you can see, CPC practices are deceitful, manipulative and just plain wrong.

“We do kind of want to look medical,” says Johnson while coaching directors of CPCs. And with names like First Choice Clinic, CPCs sound a lot like actual health centers. While you might expect these right-wing traps to exist in the more conservative regions, even liberal states like California are teeming with them.

These bogus centers usually offer pregnancy tests, and will tell some women that they’re not pregnant when they really are — just to stop them from having abortions (never mind the fact that they may be pushing women to have abortions later in pregnancy as a result). CPCs also like to set up shop near real clinics, so that women get confused and visit them instead. Sneaky stuff.

Ladies, if you need medical advice for family planning, stay far away from crisis pregnancy centers and head for Planned Parenthood or doctor-run clinics instead. Do your research and ask what medical services they offer. If they do ultrasounds but don’t offer birth control or abortion services, walk away.

These are some of the lies CPCs spread, exposed by NARAL’s #CallOutCPCs campaign:

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