When most people think of summer fairs, they think of funnel cakes, Bingo, and rides on the Ferris wheel. Apparently, at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Forks, Utah, they like to get their summer fun from hurting other living things.

They hold an annual pig wrestling competition, at which men, women and children line up in the mud to chase a squealing and terrified pig, subdue it, and throw it into a small barrel.

Sure, it sounds cruel, unless you ask one of the competitors, whose team The Redneck Wrestlers decided to also fly the Confederate flag just to create more controversy.

“We were joking about it the other day,” said Brody Steele. “People were calling us racist animal abusers.”

Since Utah wasn’t part of the Confederacy, let’s assume the racist label is a fact. When asked if he thought it harmed the pigs in any way, Steele was not only unapologetic; he insisted the pigs liked it.

“I think it’s fine,” said Steele. “I mean, they [the pigs] go out there and they have fun. They hurt us
more than we hurt the pigs.”

To decide for yourself whether the pigs are actually having fun, you can watch the local news channel KUTV’s video here:

As if The Redneck Wrestlers’ violence toward animals weren’t enough, they decided to assault four animal rights activists who were protesting the pig torture. They activists entered the pig ring dressed as clowns, and held up signs defending the animals.

“I expected people to throw mud and boo, but what I didn’t expect is what happened afterwards,” said Benjamin Peters, a member of the group Direct Action Everywhere. The activists said a competing team – yup, The Redneck Wrestlers — began attacking them.

One was picked up and thrown over a fence. Another was shoved. Another was body-slammed to the ground.

The brave animal rights activists haven’t commented on whether the assault was fun or not, but we can expect that official charges will be filed.