Climate Change is ‘Baloney,’ Says Founder of the Weather Channel

Climate Change is ‘Baloney,’ Says Founder of the Weather Channel

I thought it was bad enough that the Senate environmental committee’s next leader wrote a book about climate change called The Greatest Hoax (and once likened the EPA to the Gestapo). But now, here comes another crusty conservative “expert” to spit on the mounds of scientific evidence that surrounds him.

John Coleman, a retired weather forecaster who cofounded the Weather Channel 32 years ago (but left after just a year), went on CNN to tell the world that all this blather about climate change is “baloney.” You can watch the debacle here:

Confronted with the statement that 97 percent of climate scientists believe global warming is quite real, he dismisses the whole thing as a Democratic plot.

Then he mentions a petition signed by “31,000 scientists” who reject the evidence of climate change. So of course I had to check it out.

He may be correct that the Global Warming Petition Project garnered those signers, each of who agrees that the “proposed limits on greenhouse gases [from the 1997 Kyoto agreement] would harm the environment, hinder the advancement of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.”

Then I learned what it takes to be considered a “scientist” and sign the petition: a bachelor’s degree. In any “suitable” field, including computers and math. Yep, these are the real climate experts of our time.

To balance Coleman’s belligerent shenanigans, current Weather Channel CEO David Kenny came on to make it very, very clear that the ex-forecaster did not speak for the present company.

“I don’t like our brand being associated with something that’s not scientifically based,” said Kenny.

Then the real kick in the crotch: “I would prefer people use the credentials they have today, not the credentials they had three decades ago.”

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  1. malcolm

    I am not sure if climate change is due to man or if it is something that occurs every so often. But to say it is not happening is like saying the sun & stars are an optical illusion. If we bury our heads in the sand about the change then we wont be able to have a chance of coping with it.

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  2. Ed

    “John Coleman, a retired weather forecaster who cofounded the Weather Channel 32 years ago (but left after just a year)…”

    Coleman has several different “reasons” why he was only affiliated with the channel he’d founded for a year. I KNOW…I’ve personally heard at least one (from John), and heard of variations from other co-workers of John’s when we were employed at a Southern California TV station in the 1990’s. I do remember, he proudly wore his extreme conservatism (Bircher pin) on his lapel and overtly displayed disdain towards minority co-workers. He was VERY bitter about the circumstances under which he left TWC and was elusive in avoiding any discussion about the matter. I and most of the my co-workers surmised that he had most likely drank himself out of TWC. John Coleman is one of the two or three most miserable personalities I’ve ever known in over a half century on this planet. And, as weather reporters go, you’d expect way more from “the founder of The Weather Channel”. He was usually working several (more than 3) sheets DURING each of his broadcasts. Unless he has gone to rehab, he’s probably not safe around open flames.

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    • Lady Freethinker

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the comment – it sounds like you have a real inside perspective. Drunkenness would surely explain his ability to completely deny/ignore the facts that most climate experts see quite plainly.


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