The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called for the firing of Trump campaign staffers revealed to have posted hostile – even violent – racist messages on their personal social media accounts.

“Trump needs to first re-examine his own bigoted views and polices that attract racist staffers to his campaign in the first place,” CAIR manager of Government Affairs Robert McCaw told Lady Freethinker, “and then he should fire any staffer that has expressed racist or bigoted views. Period.”

The Associated Press (AP) recently examined the backgrounds of current and former members of the Trump campaign, finding posts that – among other overtly racist messages – questioned the fitness of Muslims to be U.S. citizens, called for “Islam control instead of gun control,” suggested that anyone wanting to purchase a firearm be forced to eat pork, and proclaimed readiness for a coming civil war.

In conjunction with policy proposals such as calling for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., suggesting that Muslims be registered in a special database, and the shutting down of American mosques, remarks such as these are not simply insulting, warns CAIR – they are outright dangerous.

“The Trump campaign’s relentless barrage of Islamophobic rhetoric is unquestionably a leading factor in the record-breaking spike of anti-Muslim violence we are now experiencing,” McCaw said.

This is hardly the first time that CAIR has repudiated Trump for negative and even dangerous messages. In June, they called for an apology after he claimed that Muslims don’t assimilate into American culture and that many of them want to commit mass murder; in July, they condemned him first for his response to an Islamophobic town hall question in which he said he would “look at” forcing Muslim TSA agents to remove their traditional veils, and again after he disparaged the Khans, a Muslim Gold Star family.

But, “as long as Trump doesn’t attack the white base of supporters that are attracted to this message, there seems to be little Trump cannot say about race or religion,“ said McCaw.

Donald Trump has claimed to be a champion of the minorities, but members of white supremacy groups and other racists and Islamophobes seem particularly attracted to Trump’s rhetoric – and the fact that the same goes for his staff is telling.

“Presidential campaigns hire staffers that are good ‘cultural fits’… staffers freely making anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant remarks online are simply an echo-chamber to spread his own hateful views,” McCaw told us. “The fact that these individuals remain on the Trump campaign speaks volumes about Trump and what he finds acceptable.”