In Flint, Michigan, the water contains 30 times more lead than the amount that indicates “unsafe levels.” Children are sick with lead poisoning, and government officials — including Governor Rick Snyder (R) — have been criminally slow to react, putting money above children’s health. The situation is so dire that President Obama declared a state of emergency on Saturday.

Legendary actress and singer Cher is speaking out about the problem, and also doing much more — she contacted spring water company Icelandic Glacial to purchase water to ship to the desperate Flint residents. The company matched her donation, and now 181,440 bottles of water are headed to Flint so people won’t be forced to drink the poisoned water any longer.

From the press release;

“After reading about the catastrophic situation in Flint, a city of 100,000 people who have not had clean water in over a year, Cher contacted her friend Brad Horwitz, an investor in Icelandic Glacial, who reached out to the company’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Jon Olafsson, about Cher’s desire to purchase water for Flint’s residents. Icelandic Glacial committed to doubling Cher’s purchase which is being trucked in to Michigan beginning Monday, January 18th.

The water will reach The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan ( beginning Wednesday, January 20th. FBEM will immediately begin the distribution process to those who need it most for drinking, cooking and washing. The water will go directly to community centers, food banks and fire houses focusing in on low income housing areas where 40% of Flint’s population is living below the poverty line. The bottles, once finished, will return to the food banks and will be recycled with money raised going right back into the food banks.”

Says Cher:

“This a tragedy of staggering proportion and shocking that it’s happening in the middle of our country. I am so grateful that Icelandic Glacial has come on-board to help the city of Flint. I cannot wait for the water to get there to help these people who have been poisoned because the water they’ve been getting out of their taps has been polluted for so long and remains that way without the state or the federal government stepping in with any substantial plan to resolve this problem.”