Imagine being chained to a wall, never being able to walk more than a few feet, let alone run or play. Now see yourself chained to that wall for over TEN years. That’s enough to make you go insane right? How about angry? How about so pissed that you yell and scream at every person or being walking around freely.

This was the case for a dog named Rusty. Rusty lived his entire life chained up to a wall in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of you may already know the death that is Arizona heat, but for those who don’t, Phoenix reaches temperatures of up to 120 degrees in the summer. I know, cray.

Jared Piper was one of the passer byers whom Rusty barked at all day, but one day, Jared decided to stop and say hello. Fortunately, love has a tendency to heal. And when Jared gave Rusty some love, the furry guy ate it all up. Jared learned that this dog was lonely, sad and desperately craved interaction. Jared would go on to visit Rusty daily and when he did, he saw a body covered in flies, tumors and filth that consisted of dirt and motor oil. On one of those days that he was visiting Rusty, the owner came outside.

She tried justifying her actions by saying that Rusty was aggressive and that he would bite someone if she unchained him. To most, it is no wonder why he seemed like a mean dog, and to Jared it was completely obvious. Jared told her he wasn’t leaving without Rusty. The two happily walked away together after she hesitantly freed him.

Few things are crueler than keeping a dog on a chain for their entire life. Dogs have been bread for thousands of years to live with human families. “An otherwise friendly and happy dog, when kept continually chained and isolated, often becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and aggressive,” says the Humane Society.  “In fact, studies show that chained dogs are much more likely to bite than unchained dogs.”

If you can’t see the cruelty of life on a chain,  you shouldn’t own a dog.

Jared couldn’t keep Rusty himself, but he did manage to get him to a vet where Rusty was bathed for what was likely the first time. His health was restored and he was later adopted by a family with a huge heart and other friendly dogs for Rusty to play with.

Love wins again.