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Animals of the Week: Baby Duck and Mama Cat (Video)

It’s an odd pairing (and I think my own kitty would have treated this duckling like a chew toy), but these two critters get along surprisingly well. I really enjoy watching different species play, cooperate and even show affection. Some people should take notes. It’s funny how the baby duck places him/herself directly under the patient feline as she runs across the floor. The cat remains graceful and poised, whereas you or I would probably be tripping all over the place. I wonder how these friends will interact after the duck grows up and is even bigger than the cat?...

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Celebs Like Jennifer Garner Resort to Water-Throwing to Fend Off Paparazzi (Video)

I don’t usually post celebrity gossip,  but I just had to comment on this one. Why do we live in a world where it’s perfectly OK to stalk people — as long as the stalker is holding a camera? Celebrities, like Jennifer Garner here, are mobbed on the streets with no legal protection. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty intimidated by a crowd of cameramen following me on my jog. So Jennifer and other stalked celebs in the video are defending themselves with water. Not that it’s cool to assault people with liquid, but if you’re fighting off rabid dogs, well, you sometimes need a little bit of...

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Let Your Mind Play Tricks on You: Optical Illusion Video

This has to be the best optical illusion I’ve seen. Watch the video, and then look away (the ceiling is a good place to focus). For a few seconds, it feels like you’ve taken a hallucinogen. It’s so amazing, I forgive the bad grammar — and you don’t really need to read out loud, just focus on the...

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Video: This 25-Acre Sinkhole Swallows Trees in Seconds

Storing hazardous substances underground may keep them out of sight, but it doesn’t make them disappear. The residents of Bayou Corne, Louisiana know that firsthand, as their land is slowly disappearing into a sinkhole thanks to chemical companies that have long been filling the ground beneath the town with propane, butane and natural gas. The gasses gurgled their way upward, some rocks slid down, and the result is an unstoppable sinkhole swallowing anything in its path, including 100-foot trees. The sinkhole already spans 25 acres, and will likely grow to double that size. Resident Mike Schaff told The New...

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What I Learned from Geena Davis Today (Video)

Like most women, I’m not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of growing older. But badass chicas like Geena Davis make it much easier to cope by proving that women can be talented, beautiful and relevant — and continue to kick ass — long after youth. And with the help of courageous vixens like Geena, we can convince the world that — just like men — women get better with age and experience. Shame be gone for growing past kittenhood into a fiesty, full-grown femme. In this video, Geena shows off her amazing archery skills in a way...

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