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Watch: What Little Boys Think it Means to be a REAL Man

If anyone needs proof that gender stereotyping affects boys and girls, here you go. In this video from the Hatch Workshop, boys talk about what they think it means to be a man – and say things like “man up…means unemotionally go through it” and “that’s a man wearing the pants, so that shows men are in charge.” I dare you to watch without...

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Watch: The Myth of the American Dream, Explained with Legos

What’s your chance of striking it rich in America? Brookings Fellow Richard Reeves will tell you — using Legos. Colorful toys aside, the message here is pretty grim. If you’re born poor – particularly if you aren’t White – the American dream is probably out of grasp. “We have a big problem,” says Reeves, ” and we need big solutions.”...

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What Animated Alpacas Can Teach us About Income Inequality (From the Director of Anchorman)

Watch cartoon alpacas explain what’s so very wrong about our economic system. Confession: I find the squeaky creatures in the cartoon kind of annoying. But not nearly as annoying as the fact that our system is so backward that we need videos like this in the first place. Hats off to director of “Anchorman” for putting his storytelling skills to such important...

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Christians Against Dinosaurs: Is This For Real?

Fossil records be damned, Christians Against Dinosaurs will not rest until the dinosaur “hoax” has been exposed and debunked. Armed with ill-conceived evidence that the scientific community is tricking our children, they’ve put together what may be the least compelling arguments against the existence of dinosaurs that I’ve ever seen. The idiocy begs the question: is Christians Against Dinosaurs the real hoax, fooling us science-y folks from behind a mask of satire? Sadly, I think they actually believe what they’re saying, although we may never know for sure. Between their Facebook page, Twitter feed and Youtube channel, they seem...

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Watch: Loggers Fell a Tree While Mother and Baby Koala Cling for Their Lives

Koalas are dying off in Australia, and logging companies like this are making matters worse. In the video below, a mother and baby koala cling to a blue gum tree as loggers tear it down mercilessly. The mother survived, but nobody knows what happened to the baby. When the woman behind the camera tried to check on them, she was refused access. These loggers should be prosecuted for their cruel, shameful and illegal actions.  ...

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