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Video – Hero Officer Rescues Pregnant Cat Stuck In Patrol Car

Last Thursday, Officer Noah Murphy led an effort to rescue a pregnant cat in distress in Garfield, New Jersey. The cat was lying in the grass at an intersection when the team arrived, but when Murphy attempted to pick her up, she ran under the patrol car. Murphy tried to lure the cat out from underneath the car using tuna and a broom, but the frightened kitty headed for the undercarriage instead, where she found herself very stuck. A new plan was put in place as a tow service and Fire Company 3 arrived to assist with the rescue....

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VIDEO: Stranded Octopus Thanks Man for Releasing It

A kind man found an octopus stranded on the beach at Cyrene Reef, dehydrating in the sand after the tide had washed it ashore. The man gently scooped up the sea creature in a cup and returned it to the water. In a seeming gesture of gratitude, the octopus — now hydrated back to health — approached the man and touched a tentacle to his shoe. The “embrace” lingered for a few seconds before the octopus swam away. We may never really know what the octopus was thinking, but these highly intelligent animals are known to exhibit social behaviors....

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VIDEO: Kind Cat Becomes Nurse to 8 Orphaned Hedgehogs

Eight baby hedgehogs were left to fend for themselves after their mother died in a tragic accident. But help came from an unexpected source when this cat stepped right into the “mom” role. Not only did she nurse the orphaned hedgehogs, but she stayed with them at night to watch over them. Nobody can replace the real mother, but kudos to this kind kitty for doing her part to keep these baby hedgehogs healthy and safe.  ...

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VIDEO: World’s Saddest Cat is Adopted – Watch When He Finally Smiles

Found as an emaciated stray with damaged ears and a nasal infection, Nutmeg once had very little to smile about. In fact, from the look on his face he appeared to be the world’s saddest cat. Taken in by the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, New York, Nutmeg gradually regained his health, and started to show his sweet personality. Still, he waited at the shelter for nine long months without anyone willing to adopt him. Then one day, life changed for Nutmeg. A couple visited the shelter and fell in love with the downtrodden kitty. And soon, they proudly...

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VIDEO – Kind Homeless Man Climbs Cliff to Rescue Dog in Danger

Hunter the dog was riding in a car with his owner when he suddenly jumped out of the open window and landed on a steep cliff. Trapped in ivy, he fortunately did not roll down to what could have been his death — but he was also hopelessly stuck with no way to get down. Firefighters and Washington state troopers arrived on the scene, but help also came from a very unlikely source — a homeless man who happened to be in the area. The brave and good-hearted man climbed up the hill and brought the frightened dog down...

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Video: Watch How Many Homeless Puppies Keep Popping Out of The Bushes

Being Homeless Isn’t Easy. . . Life can be hard on the streets of Los Angeles. It’s even harder if you’re a scared, pregnant dog. Summer knows that better than most. For some time, this little fighter struggled to find a place to belong. Luckily for her, Summer landed in a neighborhood full of good Samaritans. So, even while she didn’t have a home, this charming little dog never ran short on food or water. Especially When You Have Six Mouths to Feed Once Summer had her puppies, however, things changed. The neighborhood quickly realized that a life on...

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Video: Fishermen Brutally Drag Shark Behind Speedboat for Fun

In a shockingly cruel video posted on social media, a group of Florida fishermen drag a shark behind a boat at high speed as the animal is brutally thrashed among the waves. The men simply watch and laugh; one comments that the shark looks nearly dead. The sickening incident was posted Tuesday and has now gone viral, with an outpouring of angry comments over the abuse. The video was sent as a direct Instagram message to fisherman Mark Quartiano. “I was horrified,” Quartiano told CNN. Quartiano replied to the fishermen that he thought the abuse was wrong. In response,...

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VIDEO: Dog Rescued from Being Hopelessly Stuck Between 2 Walls

When rescuer Pradeep Nair of Animal Warriors India arrived at the scene, this dog was so hopelessly stuck between two walls that it couldn’t move its body an inch. Despite the harrowing situation, however, the dog warmly greeted its rescuer, seemingly comforted by gentle a gentle head petting. Resourceful Nair cut through the wall, successfully freeing the poor dog from this potentially deadly predicament. It is believed that the dog had been climbing on top of one of the walls, and fallen down. Thank you, rescuers, for giving this dog a second chance at life.  ...

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