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Man Hears Barking Under Sidewalk, Discovers Dog Buried Alive

Looking at the neatly paved sidewalk, nobody would have guessed that a pregnant dog was trapped below, seemingly destined for death. But when Vadim Rustam of Voronezh, Russia and his family heard the muffled sound of barking coming from beneath the bricks, Rustam contacted the city’s housing authority for help. Shockingly, he was told there was nothing they could do. But that wasn’t good enough for Rustam, who pried the bricks from the sidewalk and dug through the sand to uncover a pregnant dog who had been underground for two days with no food or water. Amazingly, she was...

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Watch: Loggers Fell a Tree While Mother and Baby Koala Cling for Their Lives

Koalas are dying off in Australia, and logging companies like this are making matters worse. In the video below, a mother and baby koala cling to a blue gum tree as loggers tear it down mercilessly. The mother survived, but nobody knows what happened to the baby. When the woman behind the camera tried to check on them, she was refused access. These loggers should be prosecuted for their cruel, shameful and illegal actions.  ...

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Watch: This Dog Can Drive a Car (Really!)

This homeless dog was rescued by the SPCA…and taught to drive. Really. It took months of careful training and encouragement, but Porter overcame his lack of opposable thumbs and learned how to drive a Mini. He’s not half...

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Watch: A Robot Baby Penguin Chills with the Real Emperors in Antarctica

This fuzzy robot chick-on-wheels joins a real penguin crew, and seems to fit right in with the other baby penguins. The stuffed-animal rover may look funny, but it helps scientists study penguins’ behavior without stressing them out (giant humans easily frighten the shy birds). The penguins have accepted the robot into their circle, and TakePart reports that they’ve even tried to sing to it – and then looked disappointed when the robot didn’t...

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A Tiny Lego Wheelchair Helped this Crippled Tortoise Walk Again

Blade is a tiny tortoise with a bone disorder so severe, he couldn’t hold up his own weight. So his genius of a vet, Dr. Carsten Plischke, made him a wheelchair out of Lego blocks. Now Blade gets around just fine, as you can see for yourself in the video and way-too-adorable pics. May he enjoy many more years of rolling around the house!     Photos: Action...

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Watch the Rare Platypus Sighting that Took 7 Years to Catch

How strange is the platypus? So odd that the first scientists to ever see one thought someone was pulling a hoax. The web-footed mammals are also so shy that documentarian Max Moller tracked them for seven years in Tasmania without gathering enough footage for a single decent video. Then finally last month, a platypus came out for a stroll right in front of Moller and his assistant – and now we all get to enjoy the fruits of his...

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