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This Methane-Tracking Satellite will Monitor Pollution from Outer Space

Fighting climate change is about to take a new technological turn – space tracking. Emitted from landfills, oil and gas operations, and the rear ends of cattle, methane gas is one of the worst greenhouse gases for the planet. Determining where these gases are coming from and to what is extent is difficult, making regulation and reduction a challenge. The Environmental Defense Fund (EFD) hopes to use technology to address the problem: a methane tracking satellite. Scheduled to launch in three years, the MethaneSAT would determine the location of methane gasses around the globe and be able to tell...

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Black Cats Are Being Shunned Because they Don’t Look Good in Selfies

An animal shelter in the UK has reported a disturbing trend. Black cats are being passed over for adoptions because they don’t show up well in selfie and social media photos. The Moggery cat rescue center in Bristol, England is at the point of offering free spaying and neutering for black cats so there is less of a chance the shelter becomes even more overrun with kittens that cannot be adopted. The founder of the center, Christine Bayka, has noticed the black cat adoption problem growing worse over her 20 years running the shelter. In an interview with the...

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All Mention of Humans’ Role in Climate Change Conspicuously Deleted in National Parks Report

Science is being censored yet again by the federal government. Every mention of human beings’ role in climate change has been deleted from a National Park Service report. Also deleted was the word “anthropogenic,” relating to humans’ impact on nature. Now Democrats in Congress have called for the Department of Interior to investigate the deletions. The still unreleased report, first drafted in 2016 by a climate scientist from the University of Boulder, discusses sea level rise and storm surge – both of which are directly tied to climate change. The report’s purpose is to relate to the officials and...

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Only 12 Vaquita Porpoises Are Left in the Entire World

Last year the count was 30. When this year’s count came back at 12, optimism for the survival of the vaquita porpoise drained out of researchers’ hearts. Little hope remains for the species whose lives have been snared by illegal gillnet fishing in the Gulf of California. Spanish for “little cow,” the vaquita were only discovered in the 1950s. Half a century later, they are the most endangered cetacean, on the brink of vanishing forever. The world’s smallest porpoise species, the vaquita average around 5 feet in length and 95 pounds. Tucked between the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico,...

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Lady Freethinker is A Proud VegWeek Sponsor to Promote Clean, Cruelty Free Eating

Join Lady Freethinker (LFT) in celebration of VegWeek by taking the “Veg Pledge” to have a meat-free week! As Gold Sponsor for the national campaign, LFT is sharing the message that animals are worthy, sensitive beings who don’t need to be on the dinner table. Spearheaded by Compassion Over Killing, VegWeek has been inspiring a meat-free week since 2009. We’ve joined COK and animal lovers like Moby, Alicia Silverstone, and Tia Blanco to take the pledge and encourage others to do the same. Whether you are already vegan or vegetarian, eat meat but are ready to make a change,...

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Emails Reveal True Motivation for Destruction of Bears Ear Monument — and No Surprise, It’s Oil

Last summer Lady Freethinker reported on the recommendation by the Trump Administration to shrink national monuments, including the contentious Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. Though the message to the public focused on considering all interests and sides of the public lands debate as well as state versus federal rights, it is now known that those things had very little involvement in the decision-making process. Thanks to a lawsuit by the New York Times, more information has been released on this decision, bringing to light the true motivation: oil and other natural resource extraction. 25,000 pages of emails released...

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Hawaii Has 90,000 Cesspools — And Coral Reefs, Drinking Water & Surfing Are All Under Threat

There are nearly 90,000 cesspools scattered throughout the Hawaiian Islands. If you think that sounds like a problem (and a little disgusting), you would be right. What was once an easy alternative to handling human waste is now beginning to contaminate both groundwater and the ocean ecosystem. The definition of a cesspool is an underground container for sewage storage. But the definition also describes the word to mean a “disgusting or corrupt place,” which is exactly the spot the island paradise is heading towards if many of the cesspools aren’t replaced soon. Fifty-three million gallons of raw sewage end...

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110 Dogs Flown Across the Country in Massive Rescue from Oklahoma Kill Shelters

It was the flight of a lifetime for 110 dogs; in fact, it saved their lives. A few weeks ago, animal rescue organizations came together to remove over 100 dogs from kill shelters in Oklahoma, flying them to Oregon to be placed in new homes. The Oregon Humane Society (OHS) spoke with Lady Freethinker and discussed taking in 70 of the dogs. OHS is the largest humane society in the Northwest, offering an onsite medical center, teaching hospital, and best of all, a place for animals to remain until they are adopted – no death row. With the help...

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