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The World is Facing a Clean Water Crisis We Can No Longer Ignore

In April 2014, the city of Flint experienced something typically reserved for third-world countries and impoverished communities. The city decided to stop using the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department and instead began sourcing the city’s water from the Flint River. Due to a series of unfortunate oversights, including failing to apply corrosion inhibitors in the water, the city’s water began to suffer a major public health disaster via lead contamination. By the time the effects of the contamination began to take hold, between 6,000 and 12,000 children were already exposed to drinking water with higher levels of lead and...

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US Government Denies Endangered Species Protection for 25 Imperiled Species

The United States Fish & Wildlife Service has rejected petitions to list 25 different species for protection under the Endangered Species Act.  Several of the species are threatened by climate change. For example, Pacific walruses. These creatures can grow up to 12 feet long, weigh up to 2 tons, and live up to 40 years. They live in the Bering and Chukchi Seas near Alaska. Pacific Walruses spend their lives on  on sea ice, which is being lost at a steady rate— it is estimated that summer ice will be gone by 2030 and winter ice will be nearly half...

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What China Buying $300 Million Of Lab-Grown Meat From Israel Means For The World

Several regions of China are suffering from horrendous pollution. On the worse smog days many citizens wear masks to filter out airborne contaminants so they can breathe. China has resolved to go green, and part of their commitment to combat the pollution is to reduce their meat consumption by fifty percent. This ambitious objective has resulted in China inking a deal with Israel to import $300 million of “clean meat.” Here’s a little background on clean meat. It is also known as cultured meat, in vitro meat, and bio meat. The first synthetic burger was introduced to the world...

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Scientists Warn: Earth is Facing its 6th Mass Extinction

In a recent study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists are warning that the Earth may be facing its sixth mass extinction due to detrimental human activities. To date, we have had five other extinctions of this caliber, during which a large number and wide variety of species rapidly perished. The distinguishing factor with the latest phenomenon is that the catastrophe is not being caused by natural causes (i.e. volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes), but by human-led activities such as deforestation, overpopulation, and pollution. The study analyzed 27,600 vertebrae species, including a detailed analysis of 177 species of...

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Iceberg The Size of Delaware Breaks Off Ice Shelf in Anarctica

A one trillion ton iceberg broke off of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica earlier this week. Over 2,200 miles long — the size of Delaware — this iceberg is one of the largest ever recorded. It is expected to be called A68. NASA/USGS Landsat satellites have recorded the growth of the splintering since its beginning in 2006 until its eventual calving just days ago. Monitored by scientists of Project MIDAS as the rift began to develop, the iceberg was calved from Larsen C between July 10 and July 12.  According to Project MIDAS, the break reduced Larsen C’s...

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These Amazing Caterpillars Actually Eat Your Plastic Garbage

They range in color and size; some are hairy, others smooth. And with more than 20,000 variations of species and counting, it’s safe to say, these multi-legged herbivores are not leaving anytime soon. Caterpillars, also known by the scientific name larva, are more than just crop-eating invaders that can transform into flying insects. In fact, they could be the solution to conservationists’ concerns of plastic waste polluting bodies of water and the environment. Just ask the researchers at Cambridge University. Scientist Federica Bertocchini discovered this phenomenon after removing caterpillars that fed on beeswax and placing them in a plastic bag....

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Right Now, Climate Change is Affecting Your Health

Extreme temperatures, catastrophic weather events, and deadly droughts are a just few things that can occur when climate change pervades a geographical area. Ecosystems are affected, and human life is exposed to the aftermath. Gradual effects are associated with climate change. But these changes are closer than you think and are happening now in your state as you read this article. And as a result, coastlines are affected and your body is exposed to health risks. The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (MSCCH), reported which parts of the United States are currently affected by specific climate change...

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