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Video: This 25-Acre Sinkhole Swallows Trees in Seconds

Storing hazardous substances underground may keep them out of sight, but it doesn’t make them disappear. The residents of Bayou Corne, Louisiana know that firsthand, as their land is slowly disappearing into a sinkhole thanks to chemical companies that have long been filling the ground beneath the town with propane, butane and natural gas. The gasses gurgled their way upward, some rocks slid down, and the result is an unstoppable sinkhole swallowing anything in its path, including 100-foot trees. The sinkhole already spans 25 acres, and will likely grow to double that size. Resident Mike Schaff told The New...

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No More Factory Farm Secrecy, Demand Activists Suing the EPA

You or I can’t walk into a 7-11 without a camera on our trail, but just try to take a photo on a mega-farm. Even our own government can’t so much as record a head count at a corporate flesh factory. That’s why animal-rights activists and environmental groups are accusing the EPA of failing at its job — and they’re taking the Obama administration on in court to get their tax-money’s worth from the organization that’s supposed to have their backs. According to plaintiffs, which include the Center for Food Safety, the Humane Society and the Environmental Integrity Project, big agriculture...

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The 10 Smoggiest Cities in the U.S. – And Why

The American Lung Association just issued the latest air pollution report, and things aren’t looking good for us Californians — that, is when we can actually see through the smog. Along with CA, a few states seem to monopolize the bulk of the country’s pollution — but rather than re-distribute this “wealth,” I think it’s time to clean it up. Here are the most-polluted cities in the United States, according to ozone levels, starting with the worst: Los Angeles, CA (including Long Beach and Riverside) Visalia/Porterville, CA Bakersfield/Delano, CA Fresno/Madera, CA Hanford/Corcoran, CA Sacramento/Arden/Arcade/Yuba City, CA/NV Houston/Baytown/Huntsville, TX Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Washington/Baltimore/Northern Virginia, DC/MD/VA/WV El Centro, CA The numbers change slightly with different types of pollution, including year-round and short-term particle levels, but the golden state dominates the top five in all categories. What causes this floating mess in California? According to Discover Magazine, it has a lot to do with our giant port, an entryway for gargantuan ships that transport all those cheap goods from China and Taiwan. California is also the ninth-largest economy in the world, so there’s massive industry — which comes with massive pollution. We also have the highest car-per-person ratio on the planet, with nearly two cars for each household. In other states, pollution stems from vehicle emissions, power plants, manufacturing plants and pesticides dusted onto crops. These problems seem quite fixable — buy...

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Eating Red Meat Increases Risk of Death by Up to 20 Percent, Study Shows

If you thought steak was a healthy habit for all strong, red-blooded Americans, think again. Despite the myths floating around about how humans can’t be healthy without red meat, the numbers speak a different story. In a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that eating red meat increases your risk of death by up to 20 percent, and that vegetable-based diets may actually make you live longer. Although nutritionists have long known that saturated fats from animal products like red meat and cheese contribute to high cholesterol, diabetes and poor cardiovascular health, there has...

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Humans didn’t Evolve From Apes, and Other Fascinating Things You Never Knew about Evolution

  Thought humans evolved directly from our ape cousins? Not so. We humans weren’t around 3.8 billion years ago, when scientists estimate the first life form appeared on Earth, and we don’t know precisely how life began. What we do know is that, as with all animals, evolution turned us into what we are today through a series of small changes over a long period of time. However life started, we can see via microfossils (fossils too small to view with the naked eye) that microbes, which are tiny, single-cell organisms, were among the earliest arrivals, helping to landscape rock formations in South Africa...

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Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast – No Poison, No Cruelty

At my house, when the weather gets warm, the fruit flies swarm. I love to keep a pretty bowl of peaches, kiwis, bananas and other juicy treats on the counter, but that’s impossible with a slew of flies flittering around, just waiting to sink their teeth — and lay their eggs — in my sweet, fleshy specimens. But tape traps are cruel, and there’s no way I’m about to spray toxic pesticides into the area I store my food (or anywhere else, for that matter). So when my boyfriend suggested a strange little fly-catching technique he’d heard about that...

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The Factory Farm and High Blood Pressure Link

If creating filthy, cramped conditions and pumping animals full of hormones and antibiotics weren’t enough to make you swear off factory farms, here’s a whiff of what these concentration camps for livestock do to the humans who live nearby. It turns out that pig factory farm waste can cause high blood pressure among bi-pedal neighbors — and there’s a strong link between high blood pressure and heart disease, the number-one killer of both men and women in the United States. Now it’s no secret that scarfing down bacon can lead to cardiovascular distress, but now we know that simply...

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