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Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast – No Poison, No Cruelty

At my house, when the weather gets warm, the fruit flies swarm. I love to keep a pretty bowl of peaches, kiwis, bananas and other juicy treats on the counter, but that’s impossible with a slew of flies flittering around, just waiting to sink their teeth — and lay their eggs — in my sweet, fleshy specimens. But tape traps are cruel, and there’s no way I’m about to spray toxic pesticides into the area I store my food (or anywhere else, for that matter). So when my boyfriend suggested a strange little fly-catching technique he’d heard about that...

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The Factory Farm and High Blood Pressure Link

If creating filthy, cramped conditions and pumping animals full of hormones and antibiotics weren’t enough to make you swear off factory farms, here’s a whiff of what these concentration camps for livestock do to the humans who live nearby. It turns out that pig factory farm waste can cause high blood pressure among bi-pedal neighbors — and there’s a strong link between high blood pressure and heart disease, the number-one killer of both men and women in the United States. Now it’s no secret that scarfing down bacon can lead to cardiovascular distress, but now we know that simply...

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