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Taiwan Moves to Save Their Beaches by Banning Plastic Bags and Straws

Taiwan is set to ramp up its fight against plastic waste. With an announcement last week, their Environmental Protection Department released a plan with targets for limiting and phasing out use of single-use plastic bags, straws, takeout containers, utensils, and cups. According to the plan, officials and civic groups estimate that by 2030 Taiwan will have a complete ban on all of these single-use plastics that are piling up on beaches and polluting the sea. The “Taiwan Marine Waste Management Action Plan” contains specific dates and a timeline for the phaseout of different varieties of single-use items. For instance free...

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This Indian Tea Plantation Works in Harmony with the Environment and Elephants

Living in harmony with the land is no easy task as a farmer. Especially with pests as tiny as red spider mites and as huge as elephants to contend with. But in Assam, India’s largest tea producing region, one man has found a way live in harmony with both. Tenzing Bedosa began feeling sick after working on his farm. Then he noticed rabbits dying after coming into contact with water he used to wash his clothes. Finally realizing these incidents were related to insect-killing chemicals, he made the switch to organic farming. The change paid off in more ways than...

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Elephant Dies After Ingesting 9 Feet of Plastic Trash

On January 27, following the conclusion of the Makaravilakku festival at Sabarimala in India, an elephant was found dead from very unnatural causes. An autopsy revealed the cause of death of the 20-year old female was the ingestion of a large amount of plastic trash, which blocked her alimentary canal, leading to organ failure and internal bleeding. In 2016, following the death of a deer who ingested plastic, the high court imposed a complete plastic ban in Sabarimala, a Hindu pilgrimage center. The annual pilgrimage is one of the largest in the world, with over 45 million devotees making the trip each year —...

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2018 Olympics Scorecard for Animals, Environment and Social Justice – The Marks Aren’t High

This week marks the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Top athletes from around the world will be judged and scored on their performance. But what score do the Olympic Games themselves get when it comes to the environment, the treatment of animals, and social justice? What scores do you give the PyeongChang Olympics? Comment below! Green Score The Beijing and Rio Summer Olympics brought up many concerns about existing environmental conditions such as water and air quality. But what impact do the games themselves have on the environment? Quite a lot it turns...

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This Major City Will Run Out of Water in 90 Days

In an estimated 90 days, Cape Town will be the first major city to run out of water. This is not hyperbole or hype— when reservoirs hit 13.5% capacity, the city will turn off the taps for all but essential services. Cape Town once received an abundance of water in winter. But a lack of rain in recent years has put the city of 3.7 million people in a severe dry spell. It is in the midst of the worst drought it has faced in a century. Despite efforts by the municipal government to curb consumption, residents continue to...

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4 Ways to Give Back to Animals, Humans and the Planet in 2018

Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to become more charitable in 2018. Maybe you more recently decided that it was simply time to do your part to make the world better. Maybe you’d like to give more, but you’re short on money. Whatever your motivation, doing more to give back to the planet — and the humans and other creatures who inhabit it — is a worthy goal! Your desires are commendable, and the good news is, you don’t necessarily have to spend a dime to start making the world a happier, cleaner and more peaceful place for all...

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The UK Will Soon Have More Plastic Waste than it Knows What to Do With

A new ban on importing waste into China is about to have dramatic impacts on the UK. Every year, the UK exports about half a million tons of plastic waste to China and Hong Kong. With that door suddenly shut, unless government and industrial leaders act fast, that half a tonne of plastic waste is going to pile up fast. Right now, the announcement is causing chaos, but with a little luck (and good governance) there’s a chance that this could push the UK to enact long-lasting sustainable solutions. Why the ban? Announced to the World Trade Organisation in...

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An Expansion in Offshore Drilling?

The Trump administration has announced a plan to expand offshore drilling and gas leasing to nearly all U.S. waters and let the federal government auction off the rights to exploit areas that were previously permanently protected. It is the largest proposed expansion of offshore oil and gas leasing by the federal government. Under this proposed plan, there will be 47 lease sales between 2019 and 2024, including areas off the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, the Pacific, and Atlantic coasts. The announcement last week to expand offshore drilling and exploration could have a severe and disastrous effect on animals and humans....

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