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Sick Kitten Thrown from Car Window Finds a Loving Home, Stars in a Storybook

Two years ago, a couple watched in horror as a tiny white kitten was ruthlessly thrown from a car window. The couple immediately rushed to the three-week-old kitten’s aid, picking her up and running for help. Today, that little white kitten is known as April, named after the month of animal abuse awareness. She survived the traumatic ordeal and now thrives in a loving home. April’s full recovery – and the happy life she has earned – is inspiring hope in animal lovers worldwide. April’s current owner, Joanna DeLuca, recalls the extent of neglect and abuse April had endured,...

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Black Cats Are Being Shunned Because they Don’t Look Good in Selfies

An animal shelter in the UK has reported a disturbing trend. Black cats are being passed over for adoptions because they don’t show up well in selfie and social media photos. The Moggery cat rescue center in Bristol, England is at the point of offering free spaying and neutering for black cats so there is less of a chance the shelter becomes even more overrun with kittens that cannot be adopted. The founder of the center, Christine Bayka, has noticed the black cat adoption problem growing worse over her 20 years running the shelter. In an interview with the...

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SIGN: Justice for Pet Dog Skinned Alive for ‘Fresh Meat’

When a dog’s owner went looking for their missing companion animal in Bloemfontein, S. Africa Friday night, they stumbled on a horrifying scene. Their beloved pet was being skinned alive on the side of the road by a strange man. The alleged reason? The attacker wanted fresh dog meat to eat. The dog had reportedly been hit by a car, but was still conscious when the attacker began skinning the helpless animal. One leg was severed from the body, and had already been skinned by the time the crime was discovered. The perpetrator now faces animal cruelty charges, and...

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Dog Dies of Suffocation in Potato Chip Bag – Is Your Pet At Risk?

The dangers of used food packaging are in the spotlight after a much loved 5-month-old puppy died from suffocation after getting their head stuck in a potato chip bag last week. After discovering that their rescue dog had gone missing from the house, the worried  family in La Porte, Michigan, reported to local police that their dog was stolen. They checked local rescue centers, talked to neighbors and put out calls for help on social media. Sadly, they found the puppy deceased, in a room in the house that was seldom used. The dog had a discarded potato chip...

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America’s 2nd-Largest Puppy Mill State Has a Chance to Stop the Cruelty

Animal advocates in Ohio — America’s second-largest puppy mill state — are working hard to pass an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that will drastically improve the lives of dogs. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), along with a coalition of 15 animal welfare groups called Stop Puppy Mills Ohio, filed a ballot initiative petition with the Ohio Attorney General in December. Now, they need the support of Ohio voters to approve the new measure. In order to qualify for the November 2018 ballot, they need 400,000 signatures from registered voters in the state. “The most important thing anyone can...

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VIDEO: 2-Legged Squirrel Gets Around with Tiny Set of Wheels

 When a young man in the Turkish province of Batman discovered a squirrel with her front legs caught in a trap, he immediately sprung into action to try saving her life. Nineteen-year-old Ruzgar Alkan’s logical first step was to take the injured squirrel to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, her injuries were too serious to be treated there. The squirrel’s bleak outlook took a positive turn when Alkan connected with a man named Tayfun Demir. Demir already owned a rescue squirrel and was happy to help the injured critter. He was even willing to adopt the squirrel, who’s since been named Karamel,...

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VIDEO: People Once Threw Rocks At This Blind, Stray Dog – Now She Has the Perfect Home

 Meet Kila, a blind Husky Mix found wandering the streets of Tijuana while people cruelly threw rocks at her. An organization called Forever Home Pet Rescue rescued Kila and listed her for adoption on their website. Kila’s pictures immediately caught the eye of Alexis Magoo, a woman who was battling depression and sought a comforting companion. Alexis fell in love at first glance with 9-month-old Kila’s unique and adorable “cartoon character” appearance. Despite the abuse Kila suffered as a puppy, she remains trusting, affectionate, and sweet. The happy-go-lucky canine also doesn’t let blindness stop her from being active and making...

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