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Chained Up For a Decade, Dog Tastes Freedom for the First Time

Imagine being chained to a wall, never being able to walk more than a few feet, let alone run or play. Now see yourself chained to that wall for over TEN years. That’s enough to make you go insane right? How about angry? How about so pissed that you yell and scream at every person or being walking around freely. This was the case for a dog named Rusty. Rusty lived his entire life chained up to a wall in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of you may already know the death that is Arizona heat, but for those who don’t, Phoenix...

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Man Hears Barking Under Sidewalk, Discovers Dog Buried Alive

Looking at the neatly paved sidewalk, nobody would have guessed that a pregnant dog was trapped below, seemingly destined for death. But when Vadim Rustam of Voronezh, Russia and his family heard the muffled sound of barking coming from beneath the bricks, Rustam contacted the city’s housing authority for help. Shockingly, he was told there was nothing they could do. But that wasn’t good enough for Rustam, who pried the bricks from the sidewalk and dug through the sand to uncover a pregnant dog who had been underground for two days with no food or water. Amazingly, she was...

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VIDEO: Pit Bull Saves Cat from Hungry Coyotes

Jack the pit bull risked his life to chase away a pack of coyotes attacking his cat friend. The cat did suffer some injuries — a broken tooth and some brain swelling — and is having some trouble getting around at this point. But it looks as though he’ll be alright. The lucky cat’s human companions are dog-sitting Jack while his owner is away in Afghanistan. For now, Jack won’t leave the cat’s...

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Dog Found Still Alive During Newscast of Pet Dumping Ground

In a Texas boneyard where discarded pets are left to die, a news crew caught one dog clinging to life. The Dallas Morning News was following animal rescuer Marina Tarashevska, who visits the pet dumping ground on Teagarden Road in southeast Dallas every morning to sift through the carcasses of dogs tied up in garbage bags and left for dead. Usually, Tarashevska searches for evidence to help build a case against those who dispose of unwanted pets as they do the evening trash. (The dumping ground is filled with decomposing bodies, and the smell of rotting flesh permeates the...

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Meet the Dog Detective who Helped Bust Subway’s Jared Fogle

This feisty black lab may be playful, but it was his serious detective work that helped build a case against former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, who has agreed to plead guilty to owning and distributing child pornography as well as paying for sex with minors. Bear can sniff out things most humans wouldn’t detect right under their noses. That’s how he was able to locate a hidden flash drive in Fogle’s home, which Bear’s human colleagues may have never uncovered on their own. “Bear is unique because he can sniff out SD cards, thumb drives, external hard drives, iPads...

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A New Facial Recognition App Can Help You Find Your Lost Dog

Detroit Free Press All those cute pictures you have on your phone of your favorite pooch? Well, take another one. It might help you locate him the next time he goes missing. The Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center is now using the Finding Rover app, a facial-recognition technology that helps identify lost dogs with 98% accuracy, according to the county. Here’s how it works: Use a smartphone to take Fluffy’s photo, with special emphasis on his nose and eyes, because those features are the two most important when it comes to identification. Then upload the photo...

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Sign to Save Thousands of Dogs from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

We’re just days away from the summer solstice, which means the bloody Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China is looming. On June 21, thousands of dogs and cats will be slaughtered for their meat in Yulin, China if authorities don’t stop the event. That’s why Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has a petition you can sign right now to tell the Chinese Embassy that the bloodshed must end. Pets are kidnapped from their homes. Stray dogs are run down and thrown into vans, or darted with poison so they collapse. The dogs are trucked for days with no food and water to Yulin, packed...

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