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VIDEO: Christmas the Dog Was Once Near Death – Now, He’s Having the Happiest Holidays Ever

Rescue workers from PETA Asia discovered a litter of puppies in a disadvantaged neighborhood in the Philippines. Gathering up the litter for treatment, they realized that for one pup, the outlook was particularly grim. The dog, who was later named Christmas, was covered in lice and had open sores on his back. Some of his wounds were even infested with maggots. Workers thoroughly flushed his sores and provided the puppy with a much-needed bath and plenty of rest. Thanks to their tireless and heroic efforts, Christmas made a full recovery and has grown into a happy, healthy dog! He’s...

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Chinese Police Bust Gang Selling Poison Darts Used to Kidnap Dogs for Dog Meat Trade

Police in the Anhui province of China busted a gang’s headquarters in October 2017, discovering a stash of poisoned needles used in the capture of canines destined for the dog meat industry. Eight people were arrested on allegations of selling 200,000 modified syringes throughout China. The syringes were altered to be used as darts and filled with suxamethonium, a muscle relaxant which can sedate or instantly kill a dog. During the raid, officers found 8.8 pounds of suxamethonium powder, 10,000 needles and the equivalent of $15,110 in cash. Dog meat is a highly profitable venture for criminal gangs in...

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Justice Served: Ollie the Pit Bull’s Murderer Faces 17 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Following pressure from Lady Freethinker readers and other activists, Hollywood, FL police have filed charges against Brendan Evans, the 31-year-old man from Florida who murdered Ollie the pit bull. Evans remains locked up in Broward County Jail, following his arrest for viciously and repeatedly stabbing Ollie before trapping the dog inside a suitcase and abandoning him. As a result of these horrendous acts of violence, Evans now faces 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and if convicted, up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Police discovered Ollie locked inside a blue suitcase on Lee Street, not far from Evans’...

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Dogs Rescued by Kind Firemen Have Happy Reunion for Photo Shoot

In June of 2015, a pit bull mix wandered  into a Compton, California firehouse. The firefighters could see that the dog, named Petey, was young, hungry, and afraid, so they took action to help him. Petey’s rescuers contacted Chews Life Dog Rescue, which began a search for Petey’s new forever home. In the meantime, one of the firehouse paramedics became Petey’s foster parent. A year later, the same firefighters found another dog in need of help at an intersection in Compton. Lucy, a young yellow labrador mix, was picked up in a shiny firetruck and brought back to the firehouse,...

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