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How Having an Animal Companion Makes You A Healthier Human

We all know the old saying, “A dog is man’s best friend,” and according to research, this is true in more ways than one. Not only do dogs make loyal and loving companions, but they also help you live longer and can lower your risk of heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, having a dog can help you get more exercise. A study of 5,300 Japanese subjects found that dog owners were 54 percent more likely to get the recommended amount of daily physical activity than non-dog owners. Taking your dog on walks isn’t only good for...

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VIDEO: Tiny Kittens Thrown in Garbage Rescued In the Nick of Time

When rescuers got a tip that crying sounds were coming from a garbage can in Chios, Greece, they weren’t afraid to get dirty and investigate. Upon arriving at the scene and hearing the cries firsthand, one of the team’s volunteers lowered himself right into the deep trash receptacle to help. He pulled out the plastic bag the sounds were c0ming from, and the team proceeded to unwrap the layers of garbage to reveal not just one kitten, but a whole litter of newborns just a day old. Thankfully, the kittens were still alive, and are being well cared for...

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VIDEO: Cat Refuses to Stop Pawing at the Glass…Until She Finally Gets Her Wish

Sienna the cat found herself suddenly without a family when her human passed away. Sent to Tabby’s Place sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ, she was given a comfortable space and was well cared for — but clearly, she missed having the constant human companionship of a forever home. Every time a visitor stopped by, Sienna would press herself against the window and wave her paws as if to say, “Here I am…take me home with you!” When a woman named Terri came to the sanctuary and saw the kitty’s adorable plea, she could not say no. Now named Chloe, the...

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Spanish Court Jails Ex-President of Animal Shelter for Needlessly Killing Healthy Animals

In an incredible case of greed and cruelty, Carmen Marín Aguilar, founder and ex-president of an animal shelter in Málaga, Spain, has been found guilty of incorrectly and illegally euthanizing, and ultimately killing, over 2,000 healthy cats and dogs for financial gain. She and her accomplice, Felipe Barco Gómez, have been ordered to serve time in jail and pay a number of fines. An investigation into non-profit animal shelter Torremolinos’ Animal Park revealed that between 2008 and 2010, Marín Aguilar and Felipe Barco Gómez illegally administered low doses of a euthanization drug, Dolethal, to at least 2,183 cats and dogs. “In almost half...

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Having a Cat Protects Babies From Getting Asthma, Study Finds

Cats have long been dealt a bad reputation, with superstitions around them dating back to the Middle Ages when black cats were considered to be witches’ familiars, or even witches embodied. We may not believe this exact sentiment anymore, but black cats are still viewed negatively. Often associated with the month of October, and Halloween in particular, it is widely believed that seeing a black cat means bad luck for the witness. Another myth is that cats will suck away a baby’s breath, eventually suffocating them to death. There are two reasons people believe a cat might kill a...

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VIDEO: These Incredible Men Have Rescued Thousands of Cats Stuck in Trees

Cats are terrific at climbing up trees — but getting back down is a whole other story. And if you’ve ever had a kitty trapped in branches high above your head, you know the sinking feeling. If you live in Western Washington, though, you and your wayward feline climber are in luck. The daring team at Canopy Cat Rescue — a nonprofit that charges zero fees for its services — will come fetch your beloved kitty from any height. Thank you, Tom Otto and Saun Sears of Canopy Cat Rescue for saving the cats of Washington!...

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Denver Moves to Ban Cruel Cat Declawing

A city council member in Denver has proposed a new bill to ban cat declawing within the city. If passed during the hearing on November 13, Denver will become the first city outside of California to ban the cruel practice, and it certainly won’t be the last — other states, such as New Jersey and New York, are pushing for similar bills. There are many reasons people choose to have their cats declawed. Protecting furniture and preventing scratching are among the top reasons, and the procedure seems like a harmless, quick way to avoid such issues. But as it...

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VIDEO: Wounded Stray Cat Chooses Just the Right Porch to Meow on for Help

This stray cat was in dire need of help. Suffering a severe injury to the leg, he was limping along and could barely walk. Fortunately, this smart kitty knew just where to go — the front door of Walter Santi and his family, who heard the desperate meows for help. They took him to the vet, who diagnosed an infected leg wound as well as a fracture that had just started to heal. The cat was treated for his injuries, requiring a 2-night stay at the vet. Afterward, the family took him home and provided the care he needed...

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