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VIDEO: ‘Smitten’ Cat Has Visited His Girlfriend Every Day for 4 Years

When Christine Viscusi began taking her adopted cat Sophie out on walks, she had no idea her feline companion would soon meet the love of her life. Strolling on her adorable pink harness, Sophie quickly caught the attention of Scottie, the cat next door. Ever the gentleman, Scottie courted Sophie patiently until he finally wooed her over. And now, the pair can’t enough of each other, spending every moment they can in each others’ company. We wish these two affectionate kitties long, healthy and happy lives...

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Heroic Window Cleaner Saves Cat Stuck in Tree When Nobody Else Will Help

When nobody else would help, a caring window cleaner came to the rescue of a cat who had been stuck in a tall tree for 24 hours in Lincoln, Nebraska this week. Local resident Rainee Penfield first discovered the poor, frightened cat at 11am on Tuesday morning, when she heard a desperate meowing coming from her yard. The cat was sitting about 30 feet up in a tree, and seemed unable to come down on his own. Penfield and her neighbours attempted to encourage the cat to climb down by using food and toys, but the descent was too...

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VIDEO: ‘Forever Tiny’ Rescue Kitten Finds the Perfect Home

A few months ago, a vet nurse and pet fosterer named Jessie took in a pair of feline siblings from The Kitten Inn in New Zealand. She noticed that although the six-week-old kittens came from the same litter, the male was about two-thirds the size of his sister. Widdle, as he came to be named, was the size of a four-week-old kitten. Jessie quickly discovered that the tiny kitten has an enormous heart. Widdle took to Jessie immediately, and her shoulder soon became his favorite perch. He accompanies her to work almost daily, where he also makes himself comfortable...

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This Florida County Has Just Banned Sale of Pets from Puppy and Kitten Mills

Seminole County in Florida has passed an ordinance that bans pet shops from selling dogs and cats obtained from puppy mills and kitten factories. Joining 58 other localities that have introduced similar statues throughout Florida, this ordinance goes a step further by banning people from selling dogs and cats in public areas such as parks, flea markets, yard sales and parking areas. The Orlando Sentinel reports that although there are currently no pet stores that sell dogs and cats from mills in the area, the ban will encourage potential pet owners to adopt animals in need from shelters and...

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VIDEO: Cat and Rescued Baby Rhino are Best of Friends

An adorable friendship has blossomed at The Rhino Orphanage in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Jamila the rhino was brought to the sanctuary with stab wounds in her back when she was one month old. Due to her feisty personality, her rescuers suspect that she was injured while trying to protect her mom from poachers, who target rhinos for their horns. Jamila is too young to be housed with other rhinos at the orphanage, who are all at least one year old and much bigger than her. Luckily, one of the sanctuary’s smaller residents has taken a liking to...

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VIDEO – ‘Frowny’ Street Cat Finally Smiles, Thanks to Rescuers

Meet Barney, a 6-year-old alley cat who was rescued on the streets of Montreal after surviving a harsh winter. In pretty bad shape, this kitty was taken straight to Chatons Orphelins Montreal for some much-needed medical care. As well as coping with parasites, ear mites and an eye infection, one of Barney’s ears was frozen and is now permanently folded. He also tested positive for FIV. Barney’s numerous battle scars and several missing teeth were evidence of his difficult life as a stray. Despite his rough condition, Barney was friendly and cooperative during treatment, greeting staff and volunteers with meows when...

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