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UK Introduces Groundbreaking Legislation to Stop Online Puppy Mill Dealers

Many people who buy puppies online or in pet shops are unaware of the horror that goes on in notorious puppy mills. Dogs are kept in cramped, filthy cages, and many get sick or even die in the terrible conditions. In an attempt to end the cruelty, the UK government has proposed Lucy’s Law, legislation stating that puppies can no longer be sold without the mother present. This law was enacted after the rescue of a cavalier spaniel named Lucy from a puppy mill. Suffering from epilepsy and a curved spine, among other health issues, Lucy died shortly after her...

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Nova Scotia Is Now the First Canadian Province to Ban Cat Declawing

The global movement to end cat declawing has made its way around cities in the United States, the U.K., Europe, Australia, and now into Canada, as Nova Scotia has officially become the first province to ban medically unnecessary cat declawing. Though declawing has been quite common and accepted in years past, the practice is dying out as veterinarians and pet owners grow aware of the negative effects on cats. “We don’t walk on our hands so it’s even more devastating for a cat because they carry 60 per cent of their body weight on their front paws,” said Dr. Hugh...

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VIDEO: Rats Help Raise Rescue Kittens at This Cat Cafe

[youtube] Unusual bonds have formed between rats and kittens at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. It all started when Ivory, a white rat, became a foster parent to a kitten named Ebony. Ebony suffered from an illness contagious among cats, but still needed companionship. Because rats are immune to feline leukemia, Ivory was a perfect match. The unlikely pair were inseparable until Ebony lost her battle at four months old. Ivory continued to fulfill a parental role at the cat cafe after losing his companion. His next task was to help a mother feline care for her litter. Ivory’s affectionate demeanor quickly...

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VIDEO: This Cat May Have One Eye and A Snaggletooth, But He’s Absolutely Beautiful

[youtube] Born with only one eye and a malformed jaw that caused him to have a snaggletooth, Willie stood out from the other kittens in his litter — but when cat lover Kristen first laid eyes on him, she knew they were meant for one another.  Kristen thought he was adorable and gave him a forever home! Despite his physical differences, Willie is healthy and happy. Kristen shares her bed with Willie and they snuggle to sleep together every night. The two are clearly devoted to one another. Kristen wears a necklace displaying Willie’s baby snaggletooth; and he not...

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Tiny Kitten Found at Gas Station Can’t Stop Snuggling with Rescuer – Who Was Also Abandoned At Birth

Andy, a 6-week-old kitten, was found abandoned at a gas station by Moonglade Rose and her partner. When they found Andy, he was in terrible condition and could barely breathe. But the pair were determined to revive the kitten — so despite his dire situation, they took him home and began nursing him back to health. Moonglade didn’t leave Andy’s side for the first two nights to make sure he was recovering and to keep him company. Sometimes we all need a little love to recover — Andy certainly did. He would cry out for her in the night if...

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VIDEO: Trash Man Rescues the Tiniest Kitten Trapped in Garbage Truck

Mark G. was on the job in Media, Pennsylvania, emptying trash bins into his truck when he noticed something quite unusual — movement coming from inside one of the bags. The kind trash worker opened the bag, and found a tiny calico kitten trapped inside. Mark immediately called animal control, and the lucky kitty was soon taken in by Providence Animal Center. The baby feline was too small to be adopted right away, so workers at the center — who lovingly named her Grundgetta after Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend — cared for her until she was old enough to...

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