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Tiny Shih Tzu Rescued from Puppy Mill Makes Stunning Recovery from Near Death (Video)

When Max was rescued from a brutal puppy mill, the tiny shih tzu had been badly neglected, and suffered from sarcoptic mange, an eye ulcer, anemia, malnutrition and dehydration. Scabs covered his entire body. But luckily, Max is one tough puppy —  with the help of the amazing “Dr. Matt,” he managed to overcome his painful, debilitating ailments and grow into a healthy, happy dog. You can watch the amazing transformation in the video below. As you can see, Max’s brother did not make it. And, according to Vet Ranch, his sister had died the night before the two...

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Inside the Biggest Animal Cruelty Bust in History

Black market horse meat. Cockfighting. Ritual sacrifice. Puppy mill breeding. All in one massive raid that amounts to the largest animal cruelty bust in history. Officials in Palm Beach County, Florida swooped down on three illegal slaughterhouses Tuesday, October 13, 2015, and found so much cruelty to animals, it’s hard to wrap your mind around. Aided by Animal Recovery Mission, authorities found about 1,000 animals still living in deplorable conditions at the slaughterhouses. The torture and killing that had gone on for decades was finally put to an end. The video below offers an idea of the scope of...

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Meet the Shelter Dog Who Makes His Bed Every Day (Video)

It’s hard enough to get humans to make their beds — but this adorable pit bull named Rush, who currently lives in a rescue shelter,  makes his bed every single day as he awaits being adopted into a forever home. Now who wouldn’t want a dog like that around the house? Rush currently lives at the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA) shelter in Kettering, Ohio, and is just one year old. The shelter staff says that Rush has been making his bed every day without fail for the past month. Here’s hoping that by...

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Chained Up For a Decade, Dog Tastes Freedom for the First Time

Imagine being chained to a wall, never being able to walk more than a few feet, let alone run or play. Now see yourself chained to that wall for over TEN years. That’s enough to make you go insane right? How about angry? How about so pissed that you yell and scream at every person or being walking around freely. This was the case for a dog named Rusty. Rusty lived his entire life chained up to a wall in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of you may already know the death that is Arizona heat, but for those who don’t, Phoenix...

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Man Hears Barking Under Sidewalk, Discovers Dog Buried Alive

Looking at the neatly paved sidewalk, nobody would have guessed that a pregnant dog was trapped below, seemingly destined for death. But when Vadim Rustam of Voronezh, Russia and his family heard the muffled sound of barking coming from beneath the bricks, Rustam contacted the city’s housing authority for help. Shockingly, he was told there was nothing they could do. But that wasn’t good enough for Rustam, who pried the bricks from the sidewalk and dug through the sand to uncover a pregnant dog who had been underground for two days with no food or water. Amazingly, she was...

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VIDEO: Pit Bull Saves Cat from Hungry Coyotes

Jack the pit bull risked his life to chase away a pack of coyotes attacking his cat friend. The cat did suffer some injuries — a broken tooth and some brain swelling — and is having some trouble getting around at this point. But it looks as though he’ll be alright. The lucky cat’s human companions are dog-sitting Jack while his owner is away in Afghanistan. For now, Jack won’t leave the cat’s...

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Video: Animals Daringly Rescuing Other Animals

We’ve all heard stories of daring dogs saving drowning children, or protecting their human companions from burglary. Well this video from The Dodo shows that animals of all sorts will reach out to save another animal — sometimes even when it’s not their own species. The altruism is nothing short of...

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Dog Found Still Alive During Newscast of Pet Dumping Ground

In a Texas boneyard where discarded pets are left to die, a news crew caught one dog clinging to life. The Dallas Morning News was following animal rescuer Marina Tarashevska, who visits the pet dumping ground on Teagarden Road in southeast Dallas every morning to sift through the carcasses of dogs tied up in garbage bags and left for dead. Usually, Tarashevska searches for evidence to help build a case against those who dispose of unwanted pets as they do the evening trash. (The dumping ground is filled with decomposing bodies, and the smell of rotting flesh permeates the...

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