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This Saved Whale Says “Thank You” In an Amazing Way – Video

When they found this whale on Valentine’s Day, she was snarled so badly in nylon fishing net that she could barely move. So¬†Michael Fishbach, the (aptly named) co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy, decided to do something about it. When he couldn’t free the entangled whale, his crew lent a hand, and the men toiled for more than an hour trying to save this majestic creature’s life. Even though they could have easily died at the fins of the giant mammal. They finally freed her, and what happens next is an unbelievable display of joy and gratitude. It took...

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Video: Activist Divers Save a Dying Tiger Shark

This touching video shows divers from Sea Shepherd and ¬†Animal Amnesty boats save a dying tiger shark. The shark suffered a hook through the head (thanks to a fishing company) and was released back into the water after the hook was removed. But the tiger shark was very sick, and may have died without help. So the brave activist divers –15 of them in all — swam with the shark, holding her or him upright so that water could pass through the gills. It took more than an hour of TLC, but soon the shark was able to swim...

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