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VIDEO: Meet Patanga, the ‘Gadget Whiz’ Kitty Who Needs a Forever Home

Cuteness alert! Patanga, the “gadget whiz” kitty, is up for adoption through the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand. The 10-month-old black-and-white male is known around the shelter for his inquisitive personality and his passion for playing. He earned his nickname as the “gadget whiz” because he eagerly masters any and all of the shelter’s donated toys. Patanga loves humans just as much as he loves being a toy genius, and is usually the first cat to greet shelter visitors. Any prospective cat owner would be lucky to have this sweet and friendly boy, who’s never known the stability...

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Maryland Passes ‘Beagle Freedom Bill’ to Help Research Dogs Get Adopted

The Maryland General Assembly has passed new legislation that requires research facilities in the state to “take reasonable steps” to adopt out any dogs used in scientific experiments once they are no longer needed. Named the Beagle Freedom Bill because beagles are the most commonly used dog breed for research, the new law means institutions will have to search for placement of the dogs, or create relationships with animal rescue centers that can help find them new homes. Up until now, there have been no laws regulating what happens to animals after the testing ends, and animals are routinely euthanized...

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Warning: Those Colorful Balloons Are Deadly to Wildlife

Colourful party balloons released by millions of people throughout the world are endangering the planet’s wildlife. Every balloon that is released, whether it bursts or slowly deflates over time, MUST fall to earth eventually, where, at the very least it becomes part of the planet’s massive rubbish problem, or at worst, is ingested by an animal, causing a slow and painful death. In 2016, a study from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) found that balloons, plastic bags and bottles were the three most harmful pollutants to wildlife. Balloons and balloon fragments are unable to be digested, and...

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Rescued Duck Found Starving to Death Now Lives the Good Life with His Stuffed Duck Friend

When Melanie set out with friends to photograph nature one day, bringing home a duckling wasn’t part of the plan. But when she saw the starving baby bird, she knew he wouldn’t survive without help. Melanie wrapped Ducky in a towel, took him home and spent the night in her rocking chair, comforting him. Ducky’s first few months were spent on Melanie’s porch. To keep him company, she introduced him to DuckDuck, a stuffed animal that had belonged to her children. It was love at first sight – Ducky immediately snuggled up to his new pal. Ducky eventually became...

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VIDEO: Injured Seal Returns to the Wild After ‘Miracle’ Recovery

An Atlantic grey seal was found near death on Horsey Beach in Norfolk, England due to an injury caused by a Frisbee that had gotten stuck around her neck. Frisbee, as she’s appropriately been named, was rescued by volunteers from an organization known as Friends of Horsey Seals. The disc had become embedded in her neck, causing a deep wound. Once it was removed, she was given antibiotics and steroids. After five months spent recovering at the RSPCA wildlife centre in Norfolk, Frisbee was ready to be released back into the wild. She’d recovered from her wounds and, thanks to...

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VIDEO: Puppy Abandoned Because He Couldn’t Walk Now Has the Best Life

 Bueller the puppy was dropped off at an SPCA in Sacramento by a breeder because of a congenital defect made him unable to walk. Despite the inevitable challenges Bueller faced, his compassionate caretakers had hope for his future and decided against euthanasia. Gaining the strength to walk required lots of time and dedication. Water therapy was especially helpful because it allowed the pup to move his legs in a natural motion without having to support his weight. Bueller’s first major milestone came when he was able to stand without assistance. Eventually, a tearful team of staff members looked...

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LFT is Helping Dogs And Cats Rescued from the Cruel Meat Trade

Across China, millions of dogs are stolen from home or shot with poison darts on the streets, packed into cramped, filthy cages and trucked to slaughterhouses to be beaten, sliced open and boiled alive in the cruel dog meat trade. Brave rescuers are fighting back, and work tirelessly to save dogs from this nightmare. Many of the dogs they save must go to shelters, who desperately need help providing them what they need to be safe and happy. With your support, Lady Freethinker (LFT) is providing much-needed food for dogs saved from the streets and slaughterhouses of China. The dogs above were...

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Two Chimps Used in Cruel Lab Experiments Finally Freed to a Sanctuary

Two chimpanzees who have spent most of their lives as research subjects at the University of Lousiana’s New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) have finally been released to a sanctuary in Georgia. The chimps, Hercules and Leo, have been at the center of a legal battle for the last five years, as lawyers from the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) battled for their right to freedom. “We are delighted that Hercules and Leo will finally be free of the NIRC, which took them from their mothers at age two, a time when they should have remained in close contact with their families,...

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