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VIDEO: Bird Frozen to A Fence Saved by Kind Rescuer

When he stopped to rest on a length of metal piping, this sparrow’s feet froze solid. Weighing in at just one ounce, he doesn’t have enough strength to get his feet unstuck from the frost so he can fly away. Luckily, the video-maker knew a trick to help his feathered friend out of this sticky situation. First, the kind rescuer places his hand around the nervous bird to stop him from hurting himself. You can see how the warm touch calms down the bird. Once the sparrow has stopped panicking, and his legs have had a moment to warm up...

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China’s Online Retailers are Dropping Dog Meat from their Stores

Joining a number of other online shopping platforms, Chinese retailer Pin Duo Duo has banned the sale of dog and cat meat after customers discovered and reported that some of its retailers were selling such products online. Pin Duo Duo released a statement on December 12, 2017, announcing that “it was prohibited for anyone to sell cat and dog meat on the platform,” and mentioned there would be action taken against the perpetrators. In the statement, the retailer also talked about the potential dangers involved with consuming animals that may be infected with parasites or diseases that can affect humans,...

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This White Tiger Cub Was Near Death, But Will Now Live the Good Life at A Sanctuary

An orphaned, 5-month-old white tiger cub was near death by the time she was seized from an illegal owner in Louisiana. But thanks to Lions Tigers & Bears Big Cat and Exotic Animal Rescue in Alpine, California, this formerly abused cub has a new chance at life. When the cub was first rescued, she was in dire shape. She would not eat, and was plagued with ringworm. Veterinarians had to administer immediate treatment. “They didn’t know if she was going to live,” said Lions Tigers & Bears Founder and Director Bobbi Brink. “A couple of times they almost lost her.” Compounding...

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VIDEO: Half-Frozen Turtles Rescued from Death in Texas Cold Snap

Hundreds of cold-stunned sea turtles have been brought back from the brink. More than 500 have been saved so far, but seasoned rescuers are bracing themselves for more. They expect this week’s record-breaking freeze to leave another 500 turtles in need of rescue. Lyndsey Howell, who has been working with sea turtles for 12 years, has seen cold-stunned turtles before. If they get too cold, they simply can’t swim, and end up floating helplessly on the surface. With a little luck, they might drift into warmer waters, but they’re just as likely to get ‘hit by boats or eaten...

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Baltimore May Be the Next City to Ban Selling Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores

The Baltimore City Council is considering banning all retail sales of cats and dogs in pet stores within the city. Maryland state law already prohibits the vending of cats and dogs from illegal puppy mills, but allows pet stores to sell the animals from legal large-scale commercial breeding facilities. Though federally inspected, these facilities are likely no different from notoriously cruel puppy mills. The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) has incredibly negligent standards regarding the treatment of dogs in breeding facilities, offering the animals minimal protection from abuse and cruelty. Here are just a few examples of the lax AWA...

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VIDEO: Rescued Horse Sees Snow for First Time Ever, Acts Just Like Puppy

Bella the rescue horse was thrilled when she encountered snow for the first time! The steed, originally from Florida, had never been in this sort of weather until her relocation to Michigan. During the first snowfall of the season, she discovered that she absolutely loves it! In this video, captured by her human guardian Stacey Pierce Dadd, Bella frolics on the freshly blanketed ground. According to Dadd, Bella had seen snow falling before, but this was her first experience with it actually sticking to the ground. Stacey and Bella first met at Hope Equine Rescue in Auburndale, Florida, where...

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VIDEO: Meet the Rescue Tiger Who Really, Really Loves to Paint

  Doc, a 550 lb tiger, is getting in touch with his artistic side at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA. Noah’s Ark, a non-profit organization, shelters over 1,500 previously neglected, abused, and unwanted animals. In addition to providing the rescued animals with food, shelter and love, the sanctuary also offers enrichment activities designed to help mental health – including access to non-toxic children’s paint. Painting benefits animals both physically and psychologically. In this video, Doc, who is known for his playful personality, can be seen perfecting his latest masterpiece by rubbing his face and head against the canvas! Other artists...

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VIDEO: Noel the Yorkie May Have Lost Her Front Legs, But She Refuses to Slow Down

 Noel the dog’s life hung in the balance after she was hit by a car and suffered over a dozen breaks in her front legs. She was also going into shock. Rescuers from Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, California were faced with a tough decision: have the pup euthanized or allow vets to amputate her two front legs. They weren’t ready to give up on her, so they opted for the latter, despite some veterinarians feeling reluctant to perform the procedure because they thought euthanasia was the best option. According to Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, many thought...

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