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Abandoned Cat, Rejected After Walking 12 Miles Back Home, Finally Has A Loving Family

After walking 12 miles to find the family that gave him away, only to be dumped at an animal shelter and slated for euthanization, a beautiful ginger cat named Toby has now found his forever home — and Internet fame! According to the Wake County SPCA, the fluffy seven-year-old feline initially was a stray cat that tried to insert himself into a local household, but did not get along well with the cats who already lived there. He was re-homed with a new family, but this didn’t suit the determined feline, who made the journey back to his old...

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VIDEO: Orphaned Puppy Cheers Up Depressed Mama Dog Who Lost Her Own Babies

When a sickly pit bull puppy was brought to a veterinarian for medical treatment, his response was “I can save her, but I don’t know who will want her after this.” He couldn’t have been more wrong. After the removal of her infected eye, Raisin found someone who not only wanted but needed her. Around the same time, a pregnant dog named Daya was rescued from the streets. A check-up brought devastating news – due to complications, Daya’s nine puppies would not survive. Like any mother who loses her babies, Daya became extremely depressed. Desperate for something to care...

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This Michigan Fire Department is Fostering a Special-Needs Puppy Named Bluebell

This Michigan-based fire department is helping their community in more ways than one. Aside from risking their lives to fight fires and protect human citizens, they’re also helping their furry friends in need. When Bluebell, a rescue dog from the Humane Society needed a place to stay before and after her leg surgery, the Dearborn Heights Firemen were the first to volunteer. The six-month old blue heeler was quickly accepted into the department. To make sure she stays safe when they need to rush off to stop a fire, the firemen are training Bluebell to go to her crate...

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Why Shelters Across the Nation Are Teaching Cats to ‘High Five’

Animal shelters across America are training their rescued cats to do tricks such as high fives and fist/paw bumps, in order to improve the cats’ lives and make them more attractive for adoption. Although learning tricks has traditionally been the domain of our canine friends, cat training is growing in popularity thanks to a program called Cat Pawsitive, launched by Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet. Cats who wind up in shelters are often fearful and traumatized, and even the most adaptive felines can find such a new environment highly stressful. The scene which...

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Cops Identify Missing Husky – by Playing His Favorite Song

A Siberian husky who went missing in Beer Sheva, Israel, was found by police in the town of Tel Sheva and identified as the correct dog after his guardian requested they play a tune from two of the dog’s favorite television shows. A group of teenagers spotted a malnourished, frightened husky matching the missing dog’s description in a field, nearly six miles from his home. Upon arrival to the scene, police contacted the worried owner and invited him to come and see if this was indeed his lost pup. In a cute twist, the dog’s guardian suggested that they...

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Endangered Slow Lorises Finally Free from Illegal Wildlife Traffickers

Two previously captive Javan slow lorises are now living free. In 2016, police rescued Lilo and Jomblo and brought them to International Animal Rescue (IAR). The vets and staff at IAR worked with them and then released them with radio collars in the Mount Sawal Protected Forest in West Java. Now, after a period of reintegrating to their natural environment, Lilo and Jomblo’s tracking collars have been removed and they are completely free to live in the wild with other Javan slow lorises. There are eight species of slow lorises, and they live in South and Southeast Asia. They are all threatened....

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VIDEO: Meet the Abused Puppy Whose Incredible Recovery Inspired Better Animal Rights Protections

Abandoned by a breeder, this puppy was near death by the time a truck driver discovered him and brought him to an emergency vet in central Pennsylvania.  The pup, named Libre, was in and out of consciousness, unable to even hold his head up. Janine Guido, the founder and director of nearby Spiranzo Animal Rescue, arrived to the hospital that night. She remembers her heartbreak at the puppy’s condition, recalling that she had “never ever seen something so close to death.” The vet recommended euthanasia for the gravely ill puppy, but Guido could sense his fighting spirit. She promised Libre...

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VIDEO: Tiniest Kitten Gets Extra Love from Two Moms

Most cats discard the “runt” of their litter – but new mom Plop was not most cats. Plop made her tiniest baby, P, her first priority. When Plop picked the kittens up to move them for the first time, she took P first. Although P is now full-grown, the mother and daughter remain inseparable. Before P was born, Plop’s owner, Alex, found the stray cat circling her house and meowing at the windows and took her in. A few weeks later, Alex discovered that Plop was pregnant. The kittens came soon after; and, at first glance, nothing seemed different...

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