‘Bus Stop Cat’ who Greeted Riders Every Day Brutally Kicked to Death

‘Bus Stop Cat’ who Greeted Riders Every Day Brutally Kicked to Death

Missy was known around her Hampshire, UK town as the “bus stop cat” who greeted passengers as they waited for the 39 to arrive. But when Missy, a 13-year-old “ginger,” returned home late last week, owner Richard McCormick noticed she was bleeding from the mouth.

He rushed Missy to the vet, but it was too late to revive her battered body. Almost all of her teeth had been knocked out, and she suffered a broken jaw and fractured skull.  The cat’s injuries indicated that she had been kicked.

“It seems like somebody has given her a kicking which obviously isn’t a very nice thing to do,” said Mr. McCormick. “When the bus shelter was installed she would go down there and sit on the bench every day. Missy loved the attention and was so friendly towards people who were waiting for the bus – I’m sure people liked stroking her as they waited.”

“The bloody swine, how can anybody do that to a poor little animal?” he added.

Mr. McCormick’s daughter, Karen Wells, called the police on Saturday, but the attacker(s) have yet to be identified. Police are asking anyone with information is asked to call police — dial 101 in the UK —  and refer to case number 44160045690.

Community members who knew Missy are expressing their devastation on social media, along with pleas to locate whoever is responsible.

#LeighPark We continued to appeal for any information whatsoever on the vile and brutal attack on Missy, the Bus Stop…

Posted by Spotted Portsmouth on Sunday, January 31, 2016

The neighborhood has rallied together to mourn Missy’s death, and on Monday the bus stop bench was covered in flowers, drawings and other tributes to honor the beloved cat.

“My grandaughter has just put her tribute on the bus stop xxx”Shirley Adams

Posted by Spotted Portsmouth on Monday, February 1, 2016

A JustGiving crowdfunding page has been started to purchase a memorial plaque for Missy. So far it has more than quadrupled its goal.

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  1. Лина

    I their cats are never let out on the street .In our society many evil and sick bastards .

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  2. Rose Jakubik

    This is just very sad how can someone do this, I hope they catch the scumbag who did this !!!

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  3. J. Martin

    I hope the person who did this is caught …nothing would make me happier…than to kick that vile, evil POS to death!!!

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  4. t. Taylor.

    I have a hard time understanding why people still let their animals run loose. In this day and age you can’t do that, with all the sick humans running around. They should prosecute the owner of the cat for allowing her to run around and ultimately losing her life. Then find cat killer and kick him to death.

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    • Jan

      Cats like to roam free and doing so was obviously a large part of her life and brought her happiness as well as other people. The owner of the cat did nothing wrong. People cannot just live their lives in fear of people doing terrible things. The only one to be held responsible is whoever committed such a disgusting crime.

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    • Crystal

      The jerk who kicked her had no right to harm her. She lived being at the bus stop and the attention. You really want an elder to be punished for letting her out?

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  5. Connie Guyon

    Praying for this sweet cat Missy and know that this sweetheart is now at Peace and in the Loving Arms of God ♡

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  6. june bullied

    this is why you never ever let your cat outside unless you are with her. this always happens. poor little thing. r.i.p. precious. you made a lot of people very happy.

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