Last Chance for Animals has just released an investigation of a Christensen Farms pig breeding facility, which supplies pork to Walmart and other major retailers. Sows here are kept confined in metal crates so small they can barely move, and the investigation footage shows workers routinely abusing and neglecting the animals.

A summary of the findings:

  • To make downed pigs walk, workers hit and kicked them, pulled their ears or snout, or stabbed them repeatedly with a ballpoint pen, leaving bloody marks on their bodies.
  • Mother pigs are bred over and over, and the toxic gases make them constantly cough. Because of this, many pigs suffer prolapse, in which their intestines or reproductive organs spill from their anal or vaginal cavity.
  • Prolapsed pigs were forced to walk – leaving a bloody trail as they dragged their innards behind them – so workers would not be troubled with moving the bodies after euthanization.
  • One worker admitted to anally penetrating a constipated sow with a gate rod to “loosen her up.”

The investigation findings are revealed in this video (warning: it is very graphic):

What happens here is not unique to Christensen farms. The pork industry is horrifyingly cruel, and America’s obsession with all things bacon has devastating consequences for pigs (which are just as intelligent as dogs).

LCA is pushing for prosecution of Christensen Farms workers, but as long as factory farming continues, this type of cruelty will continue to go on every day.