After 57 years of Barbie dolls with unrealistic voluptuous-yet-rail-thin figures, Mattel has revealed three new body types for Barbie: curvy, tall and petite.

The dolls, released Thursday, also come in seven new skin hues to reflect the diversity of the global population.

“Girls everywhere now have infinitely more ways to play out their stories and spark their imaginations through Barbie,” said Mattel on the Barbie website.

curvy barbie

The new curvy Barbie

The new dolls come after years of backlash from the feminist community and others about the dolls’ failure to represent real human beings, instead sporting measurements that don’t align with women’s natural shapes.

tall barbie

The new tall Barbie

One estimate showed that if the traditional Barbie were a life-sized woman, she would have a 16-inch waist, while the average woman’s waist is more than twice as big around. Her biceps would be just 6 inches in circumference, compared to the 13-inch bicep of the average woman; a weightlifter, she would not be.

The new petite Barbie

The new body types come at a time when Barbie sales are on the decline, dropping 20% from 2012 from 2014.