Gito the baby orangutan was near death when rescuers found him abandoned in a cardboard box, left to die. Helplessly exposed to the sun in the rainforests of West Borneo, Gito’s skin was grey and flaking, giving him the appearance of a mummy.

Gito’s mother had been killed by poachers, and at 5 months old the baby orangutan had been bought for a pet by a village leader who reportedly paid less than $30 for the animal.

Fortunately for Gito, he was found in his would-be cardboard coffin by International Animal Rescue, which took him in. According to the IAR website, “Even the most hardened members of the team were shocked by the state the little orangutan was in.”

Upon his rescue, IAR immediately put Gito on an IV drip to rehydrate him and began treating his skin condition, which turned out to be sarcoptic mange. Under their medical care, Gito has made a stunning recovery, as the video clearly demonstrates.

Healthy enough to socialize, Gito was recently introduced to another baby orangutan, named Asoka. The two bonded instantly, and are now the best of friends. Watch their friendship blossom in the video below: