When the rescue team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust received a call about a mother elephant who had been shot right in front of her terrified baby, they rushed to the scene in Kirisia Forest in Northern Kenya. As the above video shows, the mother and her calf were found pacing back and forth in a panic.

A trained specialist darted the mother and calf with a tranquilizer, and the team then raced to assess the hurt mother who had a shattered leg from a bullet. Sadly, experts declared the injury too severe and euthanized her.

After the loss of his mother, the baby elephant was transported back to Nairobi for conservation and named Karisa in honor of his home. After several days of rehabilitation, he was released to the main nursery pen with other elephants suffering similar trauma.

Thanks to these brave rescuers, Karisa now lives a happy life with other rescued elephants and spends his days rolling around in the mud with his new friends. It’s up to us to help save elephants like him, and stop the poaching epidemic.