When tourists on the beach in Buenos Aires, Argentina found a baby Franciscana — or Plata — dolphin in the water, they could have just paused to admire the animal’s beauty. But instead, they dragged the dolphin from the ocean and whipped out their phones to take selfies with the animal.

A Facebook image that has gone viral shows the selfie mob in action as they swarm around the helpless aquatic mammal, scrambling to get their shot.

Not equipped for human handling and not meant to be out of the water for so long, the baby dolphin died in the hands of the mob. Even this did not stop the selfie-crazy crowd, however; they continued to snap photos even as the dolphin lay dead.

When they were done, they discarded the dolphin’s lifeless body in the sand.

Dolphin left dead on the sand
The Vida Silvestre Foundation reports that the dolphin probably died from dehydration. With a layer of fat designed for insulation from cold water, dolphins overheat rapidly on land in hot temperatures.

This episode is only the latest in a wild animals selfie craze, and further proof that animals are not here for our entertainment. Wild animals should be left alone to be just that — wild.