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Nina Jackel

Nina Jackel is an activist and journalist who founded Lady Freethinker to provide news and grassroots action for a free and compassionate world -- for every species.

A “No” to McDonald’s is a “Yes” to Fair Wages

I admit it — I don’t eat at McDonald’s. But I’d be a whole lot more inclined to do so if (among other things) the “restaurant” paid their employees an hourly wage that covered more than the price of a couple of happy meals. So I’m thrilled that Micky-D’s workers are turning to the picket lines to demand their fare share from a company that wants to screw them over with every turn — and, frankly, I was surprised to check out the Opposing Views homepage and learn that if employee wages were doubled to $15 an hour, a...

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Escaping the Cult of More – Buy Less, Be Happier

Happiness isn’t buried under a mountain of “stuff.” That’s why one of the first steps toward personal fulfillment—and social progress—is to break free from the buy-more, want-more cycle. That’s not as easy as it sounds, but I promise the withdrawals will be worth it in the end. Sure, trading in last year’s iPhone for the latest model brings you some amount of joy, and sending that first text message probably feels pretty darned awesome. But is that fleeting rush worth the consequences of your seemingly innocuous purchase? You may think so because Apple’s advertising campaign is damn convincing, plus...

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Warning: More Money Makes you Evil, Not Happy

If you dream of new BMWs, private jets and five-star resorts, stop now. The research is in, and it shows that rather than making you happier, getting rich just makes you more likely to hurt other people, become greedier and generally turn into a more evil human being. Not all rich people are monsters, of course, but there are more wealthy sociopaths out there than poor ones. UC Berkley conducted a study on the behaviors of the upper class, and found that they were more likely to plow through crosswalks with pedestrians present, took twice as much candy from a...

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Democracy or Capitalism: Take Your Pick

The Greeks knew what they were doing—democracy is a magnificent concept. But in the United States, we don’t really have a democracy, and we never will unless we keep “pure” capitalism in check. Yep, that includes some strategic measures of (gasp) socialism. The richer class, often driven by the desire to sweep up our resources for themselves, can all too easily control the rest of us. They sway our votes with a few well-placed television ads, à la food giant Monsanto convincing Californians to vote against transparent food labels. Research shows that the wealthiest stratum houses more than its share...

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How to Save the World with Selfishness

The word “selfish” may conjure images of fat cats (i.e., Koch Brothers) just drooling to gobble up the whole world in one giant chomp, or of toddlers unwilling to share their toys with the rest of the bunch in pre-K circles. But there are different angles to selfishness, and the right kind of self-servitude (along with the self-awareness than necessarily comes with it) may be just what we need to feed the hungry, save the environment and stop wars. First, let’s get the nasty breed of selfishness out of the way. People who step on one another to “make...

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