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Nina Jackel is an activist and journalist who founded Lady Freethinker to provide news and grassroots action for a free and compassionate world -- for every species.

Controlling Evolution: The Power of Conscious Social Change

Are today’s humans morally superior to animals? Probably not. We habitually slaughter each other in battles over resources and cultural differences, or sometimes just for sport. Every year in the United States, about 15,000 people are murdered and 6 million children are abused. One in every five women report being victims of sexual assault. Psychological abuse goes untallied each day as people are taunted for being gay, ethnic, religious or non-religious, short, tall, skinny or fat. Cruel words perpetuate suicides, as with the 12-year-old girl who hanged herself in New York after being cyberbullied, yet ruthless mocking runs rampant...

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Humans didn’t Evolve From Apes, and Other Fascinating Things You Never Knew about Evolution

  Thought humans evolved directly from our ape cousins? Not so. We humans weren’t around 3.8 billion years ago, when scientists estimate the first life form appeared on Earth, and we don’t know precisely how life began. What we do know is that, as with all animals, evolution turned us into what we are today through a series of small changes over a long period of time. However life started, we can see via microfossils (fossils too small to view with the naked eye) that microbes, which are tiny, single-cell organisms, were among the earliest arrivals, helping to landscape rock formations in South Africa...

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What is a Human, Anyway? Are We Really Any More than Animals?

  For thousands of years, us members of the homo genus have struggled to figure out exactly what a human is, and whether our body and soul (if the soul is indeed separable from the body) are truly unique. And while we may never reach a full understanding, we can see how similar we are to our fellow creatures—no matter how much our egos long to be “more” or “better” than the rest. Like it or not, you are an animal—and that’s OK. Like all animals, you move about the Earth with the help of your sensory organs; for humans, that includes eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. If you were a cat, the world would be a far louder place; if you were a falcon, you could spot a mouse from 1.5 kilometers away. And if you were a bee, you’d even have the power to sense magnetism. But despite these differences, all of us animals sense in similar ways, guided by specialized organs and nervous systems (with the exception of the sponge, seemingly the only nerve-less animal.) And we also have plenty of other defining characteristics in common. All animals are composed of the same types of cells with a nucleus, mitochondria and the works. We all need to eat foods filled with energy, or calories, and drink a steady stream of water to survive. Most of us...

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Get Rid of Fruit Flies Fast – No Poison, No Cruelty

At my house, when the weather gets warm, the fruit flies swarm. I love to keep a pretty bowl of peaches, kiwis, bananas and other juicy treats on the counter, but that’s impossible with a slew of flies flittering around, just waiting to sink their teeth — and lay their eggs — in my sweet, fleshy specimens. But tape traps are cruel, and there’s no way I’m about to spray toxic pesticides into the area I store my food (or anywhere else, for that matter). So when my boyfriend suggested a strange little fly-catching technique he’d heard about that...

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The Factory Farm and High Blood Pressure Link

If creating filthy, cramped conditions and pumping animals full of hormones and antibiotics weren’t enough to make you swear off factory farms, here’s a whiff of what these concentration camps for livestock do to the humans who live nearby. It turns out that pig factory farm waste can cause high blood pressure among bi-pedal neighbors — and there’s a strong link between high blood pressure and heart disease, the number-one killer of both men and women in the United States. Now it’s no secret that scarfing down bacon can lead to cardiovascular distress, but now we know that simply...

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