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Nina Jackel

Nina Jackel is an activist and journalist whose work has previously appeared in USA Today, Opposing Views, Houston Chronicle and many other publications. She founded Lady Freethinker to provide news about issues affecting human rights, animal rights and environmental protection.

Leopard Can’t Stop Staring into Mirror – Until the Elephants Show Up (VIDEO)

In an experiment/art project in the Gabonese forest, French couple Anne-Marie and Xavier Hubert-Brierre have been capturing the reactions of wild animals when they see their own reflections in strategically placed mirrors set throughout the woods. The mirrors have motion sensors to trigger the cameras when the animals walk up so humans can observe the animals’ behavior from a safe distance. This leopard very clearly recognizes another leopard in the mirror, and can’t stop peering at the glass to check itself out. We don’t know whether he recognizes the image as himself…but we do know that even a fascinated...

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Exposed! Notorious ‘Tiger Temple’ Plans to Reopen with New Name

A new investigation from World Animal Protection reveals that Thailand’s notorious Tiger Temple — shuttered after their extreme cruelty to animals made headlines worldwide — has a sneaky plan up their sleeves. Tiger Temple Co. Ltd. is planning to open a new, and presumably equally horrific, attraction under a different name: Golden Tiger (Thailand) Co. Ltd.  Tiger Temple, once a major tourist draw housing nearly 150 tigers, was long suspected of illegal breeding and trafficking of tigers and their body parts. Last May, Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) finally raided the facility, and what...

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