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Nina Jackel

Nina Jackel is an activist and journalist whose work has previously appeared in USA Today, Opposing Views, Houston Chronicle and many other publications. She founded Lady Freethinker to provide news about issues affecting human rights, animal rights and environmental protection.

VIDEO: Man Makes Epic Cat Maze Out of 50 Cardboard Boxes

Any fan of felines knows just how obsessed cats are with cardboard boxes. In fact, opening just one plain brown package can amuse a kitty for hours. So imagine the endless entertainment of not one, but a whopping 50 cardboard boxes — all craftily constructed into a cat-sized maze. Yes, this truly is kitty paradise — and two lucky feline companion animals get to enjoy it all to themselves....

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Baby Dolphin Dies after Mob of Tourists Pass it Around for Selfies

In another senseless tragedy for selfies, a baby dolphin died last week after a swarm of tourists lifted the fragile animal out of the water and passed it around to take photos with. The incident occurred in Mojácar, on the southeastern coast of Spain; documentation of the event was posted on Facebook by animal protection group Equinac. Although one concerned onlooker did alert the authorities, by the time help arrived it was too late to save the baby dolphin. While nobody is certain how or why the marine mammal was separated from its mother or what its health condition...

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Video of Rare White Moose Taking a Dip Goes Viral

For a long time, Hans Nilsson, a local commissioner in Eda, Sweden, had longed to catch a white moose on camera. Last week, he finally got his chance — and now, the spectacular footage has gone viral. The extremely rare all-white bull moose calmy walked right in front of the camera, waded into a stream for a brief dip on the summer day, then shook off the excess water before proceeding to graze in the dense brush. What a treat to behold!  ...

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