Author: Nina Jackel

Ringling Bros Circus – ‘Cruelest Show on Earth’ – Finally Ends!

Last Chance for Animals instrumental for over 35 years in this historic closure of cruelty for circus animals After 146 years, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, owned by Feld Entertainment, has announced they are closing down; the last circus show will be in May 2017. For decades, LCA has been in the forefront of undercover investigations and nonstop protests that garnered international attention exposing the severe animal cruelty that Ringling tried so desperately to hide. Ringling’s CEO, Kenneth Feld, sent one of his own investigators, Steve Kendall, to spy on LCA President & Founder Chris DeRose. That...

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Urgent Plea to Obama: Save the Yellowstone Grizzly!

The letter below was written by disabled veteran and Guggenheim Fellow Doug Peacock, urging President Obama to continue protection of the Yellowstone grizzly under the Endangered Species Act. Delisting the animals would bring open season to trophy hunting of grizzlies in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, which could spell doom for the majestic animals. Show your support! Call the White House at 202-456-1111 to tell the president to keep Yellowstone grizzlies on the endangered species list – and please sign the petition here. November 21, 2016 Dear President Obama, We are all in your debt for your action on climate change,...

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5 Simple Steps Could Save Millions of Babies From Dying This Year

This weekend marked the release of the Global Hygiene Council’s “Small Steps for Big Change” report, which revealed the tragic reality that over three million children under five years old die from preventable infectious diseases each year. Professor John Oxford, the Council Chair, explained in a press release: “Poor personal hygiene and home hygiene practices are widely recognized as the main causes of infection transmission for colds, influenza, and diarrhea.” As tragic as the numbers may be, the good news is that these child deaths can be stopped with some basic education and simple lifestyle changes. The council’s report...

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