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Nina Jackel

Nina Jackel is an activist and journalist whose work has previously appeared in USA Today, Opposing Views, Houston Chronicle and many other publications. She founded Lady Freethinker to provide news about issues affecting human rights, animal rights and environmental protection.

Hero Dog Saves Wedding from Suicide Bomber

Another┬ádog has died a hero. On Sunday, what should have been a celebratory occasion went terribly wrong when a teen suicide bomber attempted an attack on guests at a wedding in the village of┬áBelbelo, Nigeria. But thanks to one brave dog, the bomber failed in her mission. Upon spotting the bomber moving in on the crowd, the dog rushed over to her and attacked. “This forced the suspect to detonate her explosive, while battling to wriggle herself from the claws and jaws of the dog,” said police spokesman Victor Isuku in a statement. “The dog stopped the teenage suicide...

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Joaquin Phoenix: Life for Lab Test Monkeys is a ‘Toxic Nightmare’

Actor and animal activist Joaquin Phoenix is speaking out against the horrific cruelty to monkeys and other animals documented in a recent undercover investigation by Last Chance for Animals (LCA). The investigation, conducted over a span of 4 months at International Toxicology Research (ITR) labs in Montreal, documents macaque monkeys, as well as dogs and mini pigs, suffering immensely in intense confinement and excruciating experiments. At this lab, workers force tubes down the animals’ throats, then pump their stomachs full of toxic substances. At the end of the experiment, the dogs and mini pigs are killed. Typically, the monkeys...

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