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Nina Jackel

Nina Jackel is an activist and journalist whose work has previously appeared in USA Today, Opposing Views, Houston Chronicle and many other publications. She founded Lady Freethinker to provide news about issues affecting human rights, animal rights and environmental protection.

Cop Rescues 10-Week-Old Puppy Trapped in Cardboard Box (VIDEO)

Found on the side of the road on a blistery hot day, this 10-week-old puppy was trapped hopelessly inside a cardboard box that someone had cruelly closed up. A good Samaritan freed the puppy from her scorching death chamber after spotting the box and checking inside (and kindly giving the parched pup some water). Then they alerted the police. When animal-loving Deputy Earl Hanners heard the call come in, he told them to cancel animal control — he would rescue the puppy himself. When he arrived at the scene, the puppy had not moved, and was lying listlessly next...

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In a Win Against Cruelty, New York City Bans Wild Animals in the Circus

The largest city in the United States, New York City, has just banned the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses and other forms of entertainment. With a strong vote of 43-6 on Wednesday, NYC Council’s passage of Intro 1233A follows mounting global awareness of the intense suffering of these animals, which has resulted in similar bans in more than 125 localities across the U.S. Despite the bill’s recent success, it was a long, uphill journey to get to this point. “It has been a little over 11 years that I first introduced legislation that would ban the...

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These Two Rescued Cats Just Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other

Who says dogs are the affectionate ones? As Inside Edition reports, rescued cats Mori and Louie can’t bear to be apart. Following each other around and smothering one another in hugs and kisses, these two are about as affectionate as they can be. Though the cats are loving brothers now, it didn’t used to be this way. Mori was once the only cat, and initially gave Louie a less-than-enthusiastic welcome. But the pair grew close as time went by, and…well, you can see how adorably doting they are now....

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