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Elise Phillips Margulis

Elise Phillips Margulis is a contributing writer for FIDO Friendly magazine and has been published in The Mighty. She’s obsessed with animal welfare, environment protection, and human rights. Elise lives with her adorable & precocious 10-year-old son, her husband, their gorgeous canine, and their elegant feline. She's also a card-carrying member of Chocoholics Anonymous.

Bioplastics: A Natural Weapon In The War On Plastic Pollution

You’ve probably seen the horrifying photos of oceans full of plastic bottles bobbing about. Other pictures show birds and fish stuck in plastic or eating it. There are several especially heartbreaking and disturbing photos of deceased birds depicting their insides filled with plastic and other trash. Our deadly and immense plastic pollution problem needs to be addressed and resolved immediately. Bioplastics are plastics in which all carbon is derived from renewable feedstock. Some bioplastics are biodegradable, but the ones containing fossil-fuel-based carbon are not. Among the feedstock used to create bioplastics are wood cellulose, corn, rice, potatoes, tapioca, palm fiber,...

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The Reducetarian Movement Is Gently Nudging People Toward A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Have you heard of the Reducetarian Movement? Its founder, Brian Kateman, coined the term, which refers to a person who is purposely lowering her/his meat consumption. Many meat lovers say they could never live without eating flesh. They fear a lifetime of soggy tofu and never biting into something satisfying again. Becoming a Reducetarian is just pledging to eat a little less meat (and hopefully eliminating more eventually). Cutting even just 10 percent of meat consumption impacts your health, the planet, and suffering animals, and helps you learn how to choose plant-based foods instead of animal ones. Many of us would...

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What Do Cruelty-Free Fashion and Grapes Have In Common?

Italy, renowned for haute couture and sumptuous wines, is home of the first company that produces leather from grapes. Vegea manufactures sustainable and cruelty-free leather with remnant parts of grapes after wine is made. Founder Gianpiero Tessitor is an architect and designer who studied vegetal fibers in 2014 to determine which plant-based materials could be processed into eco-friendly products. He concluded that Wineleather could be created using fibers in grape skins and seeds. This wine byproduct will delight eco-conscious clothing designers. Step aside, sommeliers: the fashion industry is appreciating grapes now, too. After grapes are pressed for wine, the remaining skins, pulp, seeds, and stems are called...

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Forced Baby Panda Separation From Mom Is Latest Zoo Cruelty Controversy

Is conservation of endangered species in zoos more about publicity and visitors than species survival? Numerous organizations have studied conditions at zoos and concluded that captive animals do not live happy or healthy lives. PETA, Captive Animals, Global Animal, Animals Australia, Huffington Post, Slate, Vegan Peace, and many other organizations and publications have researched the practices of zoos and concluded that the facilities are inhumane and exploitative. Tigers and lions have around 18,000 times less space in zoos than they would in the wild. Polar bears have one million times less space. Sadly, they suffer when trained to perform tricks. They exhibit stereotypic behavior...

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New Skyscraper Farm Will Feed A Village

Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen are suffering from a famine that affects 20 million people. According to eVolo magazine, over 40 percent of people living in sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty. In the last three decades, absolute poverty has been reduced from 40 percent to 20 percent worldwide. Unfortunately, the green revolution including clean energy, fertilizers, irrigation, and high-yield seeds that doubled grain production between 1960 and 2000 on other continents has failed multiple times in Africa due to limited markets, bad infrastructure, civil wars, and an ineffective government. The eVolo magazine presents and discusses architecture embodying technological advances,...

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