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Elise Phillips Margulis

Elise Phillips Margulis is a contributing writer for FIDO Friendly magazine and has been published in The Mighty. She’s obsessed with animal welfare, environment protection, and human rights. Elise lives with her adorable & precocious 10-year-old son, her husband, their gorgeous canine, and their elegant feline. She's also a card-carrying member of Chocoholics Anonymous.

Carbon Footprint Calculator Reveals How Sustainable Your Lifestyle Is

The film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power premiered in cinemas this week. It’s been a decade since Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth first shocked us and alerted us to the alarming and escalating global warming epidemic. Many of us are making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Who knew that factory farms’ emissions were contributing so much to global warming (or how terribly farm animals are treated)? We had no idea that the oceans were filling up with plastics. Lots of scary realities have come to our attention, and we need to tackle these dangerous issues. We’re recycling....

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Canada’s New Plant-Focused Diet Guide Champions Health And The Environment

Plant-based diets are no longer just for animals lovers and health enthusiasts. Saving Earth from methane and other emissions that play a huge role in global warming requires an increase in vegetarian or vegan eating and a reduction of meat and dairy consumption. Unfortunately, many countries are politically and economically influenced by the meat industry. The $95-billion-a-year beef industry in the United States is very powerful, according to the USDA. The American Meat Institute and the National Cattlemen’s Association lobbyists in Washington dissuade the government from recommending plant-based diets despite scientific evidence linking meat consumption to global warming and illnesses like...

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Vegetation to the Rescue: Vertical Forests Cleaning Up Our Air

We bulldoze and trample our way through nature to create structures in which to live, dine, shop, lodge, and more. Our perpetual construction tends to eradicate nature from cities and even suburbs. But an architect named Stefano Boeri has created a way to reintroduce nature into our edifice-laden civilization. Bosco Verticale (translates to “Vertical Forest”) was the first vertical forest ever built; Boeri’s design was constructed in Milan, Italy in 2014.  It consists of two residential buildings boasting 900 trees and 200,000 plants (a variety of shrubs and florals) placed according to sun exposure. Bosco Verticale brought reforestation and naturalization...

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Prosthetic Limbs–They’re Not Just For Humans Anymore

Human beings gain or regain mobility with prosthetic (artificial) limbs, and it’s high time that animals reap the benefits of the impressive innovations in the prosthetics industry. Geriatric pets, those who have been injured, and animals with congenital conditions can walk, run, and play with the help of prosthetics. The creation of animal prosthetics and other assistive apparatuses is revolutionizing movement abilities for dogs and other animals. Some pieces correct affected limbs and other devices enable adaptation so the existing limb can function. Prosthetics and orthopedics (braces and assistive devices) are less expensive than surgery. They are also non-invasive,...

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The Tiny House Trend That’s Changing Homeless People’s Lives

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 549,928 people in the United States were homeless in January 2016. A quarter of those were children. Move For Hunger reports that almost 48,000 — or 8.5% — of all homeless persons are veterans. Also, nearly 20% of the homeless population has serious mental illness or substance abuse issues. The two major causes of homelessness are lack of affordable housing and poverty. Tragically, homelessness can be fatal due to poor health, exposure to the elements, violence, drugs, suicides, and being run over by cars. In an effort to help...

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