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NASA Gets Real with Climate Change Deniers on Facebook

NASA’s Global Climate Change Facebook page welcomes visitors with the following message: “We invite you to comment on our page, but we ask that you be courteous and cite credible sources when sharing information.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all conversations came with that disclaimer? A story posted last week spurred hundreds of fiery comments against the “lie” of climate change and against NASA itself. Moderators of the page were unafraid to correct false information in the comments posted on their page. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the deep, dark abyss of Facebook comment threads, you know...

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Former Nixon Aide Confirms: War on Drugs = Systemic Racism

In a brief 1994 interview, former White House aide and co-conspirator to Richard Nixon, John Ehrilichman, admitted that the Nixon administration manufactured the war on drugs as a political tool to control way more than just illegal substances. Most political decisions seem extraordinarily complex but the reasoning behind this one now seems quite simple: to further oppress black people and other minority groups for their own political gain. In this month’s issue of Harper’s Magazine, journalist Dan Baum (author of Smoke and Mirrors: the War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure) recounts the details of this interview. He...

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Denmark has Slashed Food Waste by 25% – And You Can, Too!

Over the last five years, Denmark has cut food waste by an incredible 25 percent, which amounts to about 35 pounds of food per person! One of the ways they have been able to do this is through innovative shops like WeFood, a surplus grocer selling “damaged” or “expired” food products at a highly discounted rate. This model is very similar to food pantries who receive surplus goods from donations, but it is distinct in that it markets to anyone interested in sustainability and eco-conscious living. In America, nearly 40% of our food is wasted each year — in transit, at...

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Cancelled! Iceland’s Brutal Fin Whale Hunt

Fin whales, one of the largest marine mammals in the world (second only to the Blue whale), have long been admired by hunters and naturalists alike. Explorer Roy Chapman Andrews wrote of the Balaenoptera physalus: “the finback whale is the greyhound of the sea, and well deserves the name, for its beautiful, slender body is built like a racing yacht and the animal can surpass the speed of the fastest ocean steamship.” Unfortunately,  the fin whale was heavily hunted in the 20th century until it reached endangerment status. In 1986, the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling, but a...

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Coming Soon: Spying Billboards that ‘Watch’ You Right Back

Highways and interstates across the country may soon be home to giant surveillance screens that track each traveler and passerby. The catch? These ‘screens’ are actually just billboards, and citizens have no way of knowing which roadside advertisements are just that, and which are also analyzing their mobile activity. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. — the country’s oldest outdoor advertising company, and one of the largest in the world — announced on Monday that they will begin to track demographic data of users. Clear Channel is partnering with AT&T (a company that we know is already monitoring our online activity), among others. So...

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