Police officers in Austin, Texas got shockingly violent with a group of people who did nothing more than cross the street at the wrong place (oh, and they were black). The video here shows the brute force used with the alleged jaywalkers, who were clearly not posing a threat to the officers nor to anyone else:

According to Jeremy Kingg, one of the three people arrested, they weren’t sure if they should cross the street, and actually asked the officers if it was OK. When the police didn’t respond, the group proceeded to cross, and were soon assaulted by several police for jaywalking. As the video shows, the cops punched and kneed some of them.

“We were just walking,” Kingg told ATTN:. “I wasn’t doing anything to be a threat and they started using extreme force.”

Along with Kingg, two other people — Matthew Wallace and Lourdes Glen — were forced to spend the night in jail following the violent arrest. (There were five people in the group altogether.) Glen was sent to the emergency room while in custody for rapid heartbeat, and she was reportedly her denied asthma medication. Her charge of “walking against the light” was dismissed, as was Kingg’s.

Wallace remains in custody with an additional charge for resisting arrest.

The Austin Police Department responded to the video release with a statement that it “has been made aware of the incident” and “the Chain of Command will review the Response to Resistance and the incident to determine what led up to the events captured in the video and whether the officer’s actions were in compliance with APD policy.”